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you need to be more specific, if you are trying to reset the check engine light, you remove the EFI fuse from the engine compartment for about a minute. If there is a problem, it will soon light up again. if you are referring to something else, ask again if your'e talking about the maintenance reminder light reset button, its to the left of the guages, labeled ironically enough "reset"

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Q: Where is the reset button on a Toyota 4Runner?
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How do you Reset Maintenance Warning Light on a 2008 Toyota 4Runner?

How to Reset Maintenance Warning Light on a 2008 Toyota 4Runner

Where is ECU reset button for a 1991 Toyota cressida?

There is no ECU reset button.

How do you reset the maintenance warning light on a 2003 Toyota 4runner?

on the upper left side of the guages there is a button labeled "reset". with the key off hold the button in, then turn the key on. the light should flash for a few seconds then turn off.

How do you reset the check engine light for a Toyota 4runner?

have you tried pulling the EFI fuse

Where is the fuel injector reset button for 1998 Toyota Camry?

There is no such button.

Is a 1991 Toyota 4Runner compatible with a 1990 Toyota 4Runner?

A 1991 Toyota 4runner is bigger than a 1990 4runner

How do you reset check engine light on 2003 Toyota 4 Runner?

Type your answer here... Hello how do you reset the check engine light on a 2003 Toyota 4runner. Thanks

How do you reset the maintenance light for oil changes on a 2007 Toyota 4Runner?

Turn the 4Runner on, make sure that you are looking at the "odometer" miles and not the "Trip" miles. Turn the 4Runner off, hold the "reset" button, turn the 4Runner On and the "MAINT" light will blink 3 times. Release the "reset" button and the light will turn off. This worked great for me but the light flashed 5 times then went off. 2007 SR5 4WD 16,000 miles recently purchased from dealer hopefully there is nothing else wrong/ FYI the manual told me that the maint light is for oil change.

2005 Toyota forerunner sport edition-low pres tire reset button hv looked and looked under dash where is it?

No pressure reset button under dash of 4runner 2005. Tire pressure checked. Where else can I look? What else could make light keep blinking?

What is the drive cycle to reset the computer on a 2002 Toyota 4Runner?

unhook the battery for about a minute or so, then reconnect!

Where is the alarm reset button on a 2006 Toyota tacoma?

how to locate the anti theft reset

How do you reset the maintenance reminder light on a 2004 Toyota 4Runner Sport?

AnswerStart by making sure the odometer is on actual mileage. Turn the key "off" press and hold the "reset" button on the upper left of the instrument panel. Turn the key "on" (engine off); the maintenance light will flash then turn off. Release the "reset" button and it's done!

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