Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

Where is the sapphire in Pokemon LeafGreen?

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May 26, 2015 1:13AM

== == == == In dotted hole.You have to do cut on the door.
in dotted hole on 6 island.To get to the sapphire you go to the middle hole then left hole then right and finly you go to the down hole :]
this is a long walk through but it has all the information on the Sapphire

before you get the ruby you over hear the 2 grunts at mt ember talking about the password to the rocket warehouse on 5 island, then you battle them and you go in the side entrance you find the ruby. well after you give cellio the ruby he gives you a rainbow pass and you go to the next island. there you meet up with the elite 4 member loreli after finding the hm waterfall and you battle a team rocket grunt. you go to the next island over and do deep within the 5 island meadow but you need 2 passwords to enter the ware house so you go to 6 island. you go east until you cant go east anymore the u turn south and go deep inside until you find a big door on a rock and theres brail. you need to cut that rock and enter the maze there are tons of holes on the next few floors so the combo of holes to fall in is up left right down. the nyou fall into the Sapphire room but some nerd fallows you and steals the Sapphire from you and he tells you the second password needed for the rocket warehouse on 5 island. once back in the 5 island meadow you go in the rocket warehouse and find your way around on the floor panels and reach the back room. you then battle the nerd who stole the Sapphire and he gives it back. then you return back to 1 island and return the Sapphire. 7 island has nothing to do with any of that but you can find larvitar there so it is a wise idea to catch one. after you do that you should challenge he elite 4 again because after the 3 legendary beasts appear. but only one for the starter you chose so if you chose charmander suicoon will appear randomly, bulbasaur is entie and squirtle is raikou

i really hope this helps contact me if it doesnt it is in dotted hole just go to the cave on 6 island that has that silver door use cut on it then just go to the right holes