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There building a new one.

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Q: Where is the sugar factory in barbados?
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What does barbados trade?

Barbados trades Sugar Cane it is their main trade item which is used to make sugar.

5 natural resources in Barbados?

Sugar, petroleum

What is a source of revenue for barbados?

Tourism and sugar.

What is barbados main resource?

sugar cane

Who brought knowledge of growing sugar on plantations to the Carolina colony?

Settlers from Barbados

1645 the primary crop of Barbados was?


What is Barbados main natural resource?

sugar cane

British west Indian sugar colonies?

Jamaica and Barbados

What are some things that they grow in barbados?

They grow sugar cane!!

What are some sugar producing Caricom countries?

Guyana Barbados

Which is the first cooperative sugar factory in maharashtra?

Pravara Cooperative Sugar Factory at Ahmednagar

What is Barbados main export?

The main exports of Barbados are, sugar and molasses, rum, other foods and beverages, chemicals and electrical components.