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According to the Augusta National Golf Club's website, the prize money breakdown is as follows:

1st: $1,305,000
2nd: $783,000
3rd: $493,000
4th: $348,000
5th: $290,000
6th: $261,000
7th: $242,875
8th: $224,750
9th: $210,250
10th: $195,750
11th: $181,250
12th: $166,750
13th: $152,250
14th: $137,750
15th: $130,500
16th: $123,250
17th: $116,000
18th: $108,750
19th: $101,500
20th: $94,250
21st: $87,000
22nd: $81,200
23rd: $75,400
24th: $69,600
25th: $63,800
26th: $58,000
27th: $55,825
28th: $53,650
29th: $51,475
30th: $49,300
31st: $47,125
32nd: $44,950
33rd: $42,775
34th: $40,963
35th: $39,150
36th: $37,338
37th: $35,525
38th: $34,075
39th: $32,625
40th: $31,175
42nd: $28,275
43rd: $26,825
44th: $25,375

The remainder of the professionals will receive cash prizes ranging downward from $23,925 depending on the scores.

Total prize money is $7,250,000.

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How much is the prize money for the winner of the 2010 masters golf tournsment?

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The total prize money for the 2008 tournament was $7,500,000, with $1,350,000 going to the winner.

$1,440,000 was the first prize for the winner of the Master's Golf Tournament, Bubba Watson.

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$ 1,350,000 was the announced prize money for first place in the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament.

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There are different awards for each year. For example, the total prize for the 2008 Masters Tournament was $7.500.000. The winner won $1.350.000 in 2008.

The prize payout for all golfers that make the final cut in the master tournament will vary from year to year. As an example, in 2008, the total prize money was $7,500,000 with $1,350,000 going to the winner.

The tournament committee decides what percentage of the total purse each position will get. A tie for second will each get half of the prize money for 2nd and 3rd place.

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Prize money if you are asking about a tournament, in regular play it is called the pot.

Typically a tournament that has guaranteed prize money states that there is a guaranteed prize pool and often go on to say how much. For example: Guaranteed prize pool of $250,000. This means no matter what they take in for buyins, this much will be reserved for the prize money. The rest will go to costs of hosting the tournament be online or in a casino.

Highest placing professional wins the amateurs prize money.

The Masters prize money is split according to a designated formula. In case of a tie for third place, the money prize for third and fourth place are averaged and awarded to the two players.

$7,500,000. $1,350,000 to the winner.

In 2009 it was $1,350,000 for first place.

In 1947, the first official two-man Beach Volleyball tournament is held at Will Rogers State Beach, California. There wasn't any prize money. In 1948, the first prize money was given out at a tournament held in Los Angeles, California. The prize was a case of Pepsi.

Second place prize money is $810,000.

It depends on the prize money that they win from the tournament.

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