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Where is the turn signal fuse in a Ford Mustang?


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It should be in slot# 5 in the fuse box located on the lower driver's side. It requires a fuse 15A.In a 94-98 Mustang, the fuse should be located in slot #1 of the instrument panel fuse box. It contains a fuse amp rating of 15A.

This fuse is for: Turn Signal and Back-up lamps, airbag module, DRL module, Heated backlight relay coil, convertible top relay coil, etc...

This information was retrieved from the 1996 Ford Mustang owners manual which can be downloaded from Ford's website for free. I noticed they only had owner manuals for Mustangs that date back to 1996.

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Left side dash panel, fuse number 4, 14 amp.

The 1998 Ford Mustang owners manual shows : fuse # 13 - 15 amp - electronic flasher fuse # 18 - 15 amp - electronic flasher which fuse is for the turn signal flasher and which fuse is for the hazard flasher it does not specify

look inside the fuse box inside of the car it will be a round fuse that is about the size of a quarter near top left of fuse box

Fuse panel. Look in your owner's manual.

Fuse box located under dash drivers side .Fuse *5 15 amp Fuse

in the fuse box, its numbered 22 and is a 15 mp fuse

Turn signal flasher, fuse and/or switch Turn signal flasher, fuse and/or switch Turn signal flasher, fuse and/or switch Turn signal flasher, fuse and/or switch

Fuse #7 is the turn signal circuit. 10 AMP. 2nd fuse fron the left in the 2nd row from the top.

Check in or near the fuse block left side of steering column

look on the fuse box, if not your owners manual will tell you

On a 1996 Ford Bronco the turn signal flasher is plugged in to the fuse box

Normally under the dash above drivers feet.

Check the fuse for the wipers and replace the turn signal bulb.

Check fuse Replace turn signal flasher


On the top side of the fuse panel, drivers' side beneath the dash. Location #5 should be the 15 amp fuse for the turn signal.

The are three problems that may disable your turn signal on a classic mustang; the bulbs could be out, the signal relay could be bad or the turn signal switch in the steering column could need replacing. To see how to replace a turn signal switch visit this web address

Turn signal what: front bulb; rear bulb; flasher unit; fuse???See "Related Questions" below for each

my turn signal indicator flashes rapidly but the actual turn signal does not flash only on one side

It is in the top right hand corner of the fuse pannel. It will be about 1" in diameter and 1"-2" in height.

The flasher on most cars is located around the fuse box under the dash, or attached to the underside of the dash. It is a small round cylindrical Can made of aluminum, or plastic.

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