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Workshop for series 1-4 was on a farm in the hamlet of Cockpole Green (Berkshire).

Workshop for series 5-8 including Wheeler Dealers USA was a couple of miles away on a farm in Temple (Buckinghamshire) very close to Bisham Abbey in between Maidenhead (Berkshire) and Marlow (Buckinghamshire).

Workshop for series 9-11 Bracknell (Berkshire) Eastern Industrial Area and other facilities in Longshot Industrial Estate on the other side of the town.

Workshop for series 12 was at Huntington Beach, California, USA.

Workshop for series 13 + is at Lincoln Road High Wycombe Buckinghamshire.
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Bracknell (Berkshire) Industrial estate. Previously Temple (Buckinghamshire) & Cockpole Green (Berkshire) both farm units. An example of a mint condition of the featured car shown at the beginning of the show is often now filmed at the ex-MOD Chobham Test Track (Surrey). This has been used many ti ( Full Answer )

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I think to get auction dealer, we need to collect some rare itemswhich people did not have! Also if you build some reputation, thenit will help!

How many dealers in North America does Morgan 3 Wheeler have?

Morgan 3 Wheeler is just in the process of opening locations in North America. One is slated to open in Seattle. The company has indicated that two additional locations will be opened, but the locations have not been released.

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No. Dealer is a noun (a person). Used with another noun (dealerdiscount, dealer incentives), it is a noun adjunct rather than anadjective.