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Q: Where is waldo on the page with the blue and red knights?
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Where is the key in where's waldo the incredible paper chase on the Red knight storms blue knight page?

Key is very small on a table with the jester dancing

Where waldo on the last page in the great waldo search?

You mean The Land of Waldos? Look at the giant on the right page. There is a Waldo standing on top of another next to the giant. Now go directly down the page. There is a Waldo looking right at you with his red and white striped sock showing. It took me forever to find him.

Where is the waldo with a missing show in the great waldo search last page?

Waldo is to the right underneath the Unfriendly Giant. His sock is striped red and white like his shirt. Look for the Waldo holding his cane a weird way with his elbow sticking out, Shoeless Waldo is above his elbow.

What were the colors of the knights in medieval times dinner and tournament?

Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Black & White, Yellow & Red.

Where is Waldo's Key in Deep Sea Divers Where is Waldo?

It's in the far bottom left corner. To the right of the man who gets bit by the crab and to the and to the left of the giant hand. Right above a blue fish and right below a red fish.

Where is woof on the clown town page in where waldo the wonder book?

Look at the pool, then look up until you see someone with sausages on the right side of the page split, the real woof is the there.

Where is waldo wonder book Where is wizard toys toys toys?

Right page there is a green tank at the top. he is behind the red wooden toy that is sitting on the front of the tank

What were the red skinned knights called in incredible hulk 302?

Simply "the red knights," as I recall.

When was Beragh Red Knights GAC created?

Beragh Red Knights GAC was created in 1921.

Where is the scroll in the battling monks in great waldo search?

right hand page, upper middle right ,nr centre, find 6 red monks,one getting hit by a rock another,water,the scroll is at the foot of the middle left one!! it's a green ribbon ----------------------- Alternate: In my book it's on the right hand page, lower right. In front of the wooden pumping machine, there's a blue monk splashing a red monk in the face. The scroll with a blue ribbon is right at his behind. (Maybe this was a later revision cause the green ribbon was too easy to see against all that Red and Blue?)

How do you get waldo on moshi?

Waldo (Rare) - Any Dragon Fruit, Pink Love Berries & Red Star Blossom

What logo has a blue f and ends with a blue k and red r?

This is the page. This page will allow you to put up pictures of things that are happening to you and share them with your friends.