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Where is your strongest muscles?


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your heart is the human bodies strongest muscle. other than tht it is your calf muscles. ((lower leg))


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your tongue is one of the most strongest muscles in your body.

The stomach as the thickest walls and the strongest muscles of the GI tract>

The flight muscles are the strongest in musculature.

Two muscles: The masster(jaw) The tongue

The voluntary muscle that is strongest in realation to is size is the tongue.

No. Smooth muscles line and cover organs.

Tongue is not a muscle. It consists of more than 10 muscles. So we cannot consider tongue as a muscle neither as the strongest muscle. The strongest muscle is masseter.

your quads (thighs) and gluts (bum) are the overall strongest. Your tongue is the strongest per capita.

The masseter, the muscle that pops out at your jaw when you clench your jaw The tongue, muscles that move your eyes, and the heart are known as the strongest muscles in the human body.

The Lumbar muscles or Longissimus dorsi is the longest and strongest muscle. But I would assume that the tongue or jaw muscle would be the strongest.

I believe the answer is the tongue. However, if you are looking for the strongest group of external muscles for a dog then I believe it is the neck.

the arms i think.(my mom tld me)

Even the strongest muscles can get tired if they are overworked. When muscles get tired, they may become cramped or experience pain. It is best to refrain from exertion when the muscles start hurting.

the tongue is a muscle. it is one one of the strongest muscles in the body.

I think it does because the eyes have the strongest muscles in the body.

Yes in fact the tongue is one of the strongest muscles in your body

Don't know really what you mean, but if you're talking muscle wise, the back muscles and leg muscles are usually the strongest.

There is no way to classify a strongest muscle. All muscles vary in maximum force, repeated motions, quick exerted force, and endurance, making them near impossible to rank correctly. Though, the muscles thought to be the strongest are jaw, tongue, heart, and soleus (calf muscle).

because they are the strongest musceles in your body your nasty how do yu know that

They are: * Thighs * Shoulders * Chest * Back * Hamstrings

leg muscles Legs by force, tongue relative to size.

Your muscles are the strongest parts of your body, even if you work you muscles to exhaustion, they will not hurt. It takes an awful lot to make your muscles hurt.

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