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Where it cannabis come from?


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weed comes from the ground

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No it does not come from cannabis. It comes from the poppy plant. Just like Opium.

come on fenn come on fenn

cannabis resin in the UK mostly comes from Morocco in North Africa via Spain

it comes from one part plant to another


Marijuana is a Mexican slang term for cannabis derived from the name Maria Juana or "Mary Jane".

The first user of cannabis is probably a prehistoric individual, or animal. However, the first reports of consumption of cannabis come from China, whilst the Scythians are the first people whose deliberate inhalation of cannabis smoke was recorded.

Cannabis drugs are made of leaves from the cannabis plant or from resin(sap) of the cannabis plant

the plant noncopusmentus in latin i don't know the English name

MARIJUANA, Comes from Cannabis Sativa Plant. It generally refers to the dried flowers, stems or leaves of the cannabis plant, and is being use now as a psychoactive drug.

Cannabis oil is a resinous substance that is extracted from cannabis plants. Cannabis is more commonly known as marijuana.

The wording of the question could be less confusing, but assuming your question concerns the botanical classification of Cannabis, then yes, the Cannabis/hemp plant we know is Cannabis Sativa, the lone member of the genus cannabis.

Cannabis shouldn't be capitalized unless it's at the beginning of a sentence because it's not a proper noun. Cannabis does need to be capitalized when using its proper taxonomic names, Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica or Cannabis ruderalis.

Don't confuse yourself. Cannabis is its actual name.

It comes not from a leaf, but the bud of the Cannabis sativa during its flowering stages.

Not to much. Its very easy to come up positive for it.

Hashish is created in west asia from a gland called trichomes.trichomes come from a cannabis plant

No. It comes from the marijuana plant. The scientific name is cannabis sativa/inidica.

No. Cannabis is a plant, with THC in it. Opioid's, come from the Poppy plant and synthesized into a narcotic

Cannabis is a class B drug

No. It's not possible to OD on Cannabis.

There are 66 known cannabinoids in cannabis.

Cannabis sativa is smoked.

Cannabis is illegal in the United Kingdom.

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