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Q: Where on the key board would you find a b flat?
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Where on a keyboared would you find B flat?

Well you find a B and go to the black key on the left

What is under a braille key board?

Most likely a table or flat surface.

If a clarinet is in the key of B flat what key would the saxophone play in?

E flat

What key signature has A flat B flat D flat and E flat?

When reading flat key signatures, it is the second to last flat: The order of the flats go as such: B flat, E flat, A Flat, D flat, G flat, C flat, F flat. In this case that would make A being the second to last flat, thus the key would be A-Flat Major or f Minor.

How do you tell what key a piece of music is when dealing with flats in the key signature?

When working with flats, the second to last flat is the key signature. The exception here being when only one flat is in the key signature - this would be the key of 'F.' The order of flats are as follows: B-flat, E-flat, A-flat, D-flat, G-flat... etc.

What is the b flat blues scale for piano?

Starting with B flat, the third black key in the group of three, the next note would be D flat, the next black key. E flat would be the next note also the next black key. E natural is the white key one to the right then the next white key which would be F natural. The final note is A flat which is in the middle of the three black keys.

What is key signature has B flat E flat and A flat?

The key signature is E flat major, which is also, C minor, the relative minor of E flat major. You can find out what flat key signature you're in by finding the second to last flat (in this case E flat). It is the major version of that key signature!

If there was a flat in the key signature would the same note an octave higher or lower be flat too?

Yes. That note would be flat (or sharp, depending how you look at it) throughout the whole piece, unless there is a change of key.

What key is it if it only has Eb and skips Bb?

In the order of flats in key signatures, even if the melody skips the B-flat, the key would contain it, because there is no such key with only an E-flat.

How do you find the white key in mcworld?

its on waky beach by the surf board

How do you play sonic solaris phase 2 on key board?

Look it up on YouTube. If you can't, the song is in F-Sharp Major and it begins on E-Flat. The left hand chords are, in order: E-Flat D-Flat B A-Flat B-Flat

How many flats are in the key of a flat?

The key of A flat major has four flats: B flat, E flat, A flat and D flat.