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Q: Where one quantity increases the other one also increase?
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What is the difference between proportional and non proportional relationship?

In mathematics, or physics, if one quantity is proportional to the other, that means that if one quantity increases by a certain factor, the other quantity increases by the same factor. For example, if"y" is proportional to "x", and "x" increases by a factor 10, then "y" must also increase by a factor 10. Any relationaship that does NOT follow this rule is NOT proportional.

What is regressive demand?

This is condition whereby with increase in the price the quantity demanded also increases therefore the graph slopes from bottom left upwards and has a positive gradient

What is the sun and other suns made of?

The sun and other suns (or stars) is composed mostly of hydrogen. The next largest component is helium. Various other elements are also present. As stars age, the quantity of hydrogen declines and the quantity of other elements increases.

Which example represents a positive correlation?

Demand and quantity sold is an example of positive correlation. As the number of people in demand of a product increases, the quantity sold of that product also increases.

What is income effect mean?

The income effect is the change in the individualâ??s income and how it will impact the change in quantity of a service. As the income increases, the quantity of demand of service also increases.

What happens to volume as temperature changes?

if volume of a gas increases temperature also increases

What increases when current increases?

If current increases, then voltage also has to increase, assuming that resistance stay relatively the same. Power will also increase. Since power is the product of voltage and current, then the power increase would be the square of the voltage or current change.

When you increase the force of an object what also increases?

the mass

Why does load vary downstream?

This is the amount of load a river can carry. Generally, the load quantity will increase with discharge and velocity because rivers of higher discharge and velocity have more energy so will be able to carry more load. Therefore, load quantity increases downstream. Also, small particles require less energy to be carried so as the load size decreases, quantity increases

What factors cause increase in demand when price also increases?

standard of rich in purchasing of gold increases when its price also increases.

Could the temperature of a material increases the average of its particles also increase?

If the temperature of a material increases, the average kinetic energy of its particles will increase.

What does it mean to say that current and voltage in a circuit are directly related?

It means that when one increases, the other increases as well. Also, it implies that this increase is proportional - if the voltage is doubled, the current will also double. Note 1: Normally, the voltage is considered the independent quantity; that's the quantity you can control directly. And if the voltage changes, so will the current. Note 2: In simple circuits, such as those that only have a voltage source and resistors, the relation will be a direct proportion. With electronic components, such as a transistor, the relationships can be more complicated.