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Q: Where online can I find a full tang Handguardless sword that is not sharp and doesn't cost a lot?
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Does Hades have a sword?

no he doesnt

How sharp are the teeth of a sword fish?

As sharp as a brand new knife...

In Eragon Who said the line may your sword stay sharp?

Brom said the line "May your sword stay sharp" in the book Eragon.

What is a backsword?

A backsword is a sword with a single sharp edge.

What is a reverse blade sword?

a Reverse blade sword is a alternate or a katana blade with the sharp part curved inward and the flat dull part as the original sharp edge

Does Athena use a sword?

no she doesnt she uses a staff .

What are 3 words describing a sword?

sharp, weapon, useful

Are replica swords real?

yes and no the sword can be for collection reasons so it is not sharp or 1-2 out of 10 on the sharpness scale but the sword can be really sharp like 7-10 out of 10 on the scale it all depends on the style and reason of the sword

How may times do you kill undead giant to get his sword?

It doesnt matter the sword just drops a random take this from me.

Why was the sword of tipu sultan so special?

because it was the sword of the warrior who defeated briton it was very sharp which was made of gold

What is another word for a sword?

Other words for a sharp sword:Sharp weaponKatanaEpeeSaberClaymore

How could a sword have both a hard sharp edge and a flexible body?

it is