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Q: Where the Saturdays in pop idol?
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Was will young on x factor or pop idol?

Pop Idol.

When was Pop Idol created?

Pop Idol was created on 2001-10-06.

When did Pop Idol end?

Pop Idol ended on 2003-12-20.

Who won pop idol in 1996?

No one. Pop Idol didn't debut until 2001.

What genre are The Saturdays considered as?

They are considered pop.

Are there any female pop artists that are English?

the saturdays

Which pop group is rochelle wiseman a member of?

the saturdays

What year did Britney Spears win pop idol?

she didn't go on pop idol, she didn't come from a reality show.

What did will young win?

pop idol !

Who is the woman from England's Pop Idol?

England doesnt have pop idol, we have x factor and i think you might mean Alexandra Burke

British Irish girl pop group 2008?

The Saturdays

How old was Cheryl Cole when she got though Pop Idol?

Cheryl Cole wasn't on Pop Idol. She auditioned for Popstars The Rivals and she was 19.