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At the battle frontier there's a cave near the battle palace called artisan cave you can find smeargle in there.

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Q: Where to catch smeargle in Pokemon emerald?
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Can you catch a smeargle in sapphire?

No in emerald you can.

What is in artistan cave in Pokemon Emerald?

the artistan cave in Pokemon emerald is at the south of the battle frontier, it is also a place where you can catch some really strong smeargle.

How do you get smeargle in Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

Smeargle cannot be captured in firered to get one trade one from emerald or colosseum.

What Pokemon are in artisan cave on emerald.?

Only Smeargle.

What is the pokemon in the cave in the battle fronteir in emerald?


Who is the Pokemon in artisan cave in emerald?

That would be Smeargle.

Where can you catch Smeargle in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Catching Smeargle in Leaf GreenYou cannot catch Smeargle in Leaf Green, but you can catch him in Emerald at the battle frontier. Answergo to the Pokemon guil then turn left until you see a cave use dig in front og=f the cave to get to the smergal cave all smergal all the time

What Pokemon can you find in the Battle Frontier on Pokemon Emerald?

Smeargle and Sudowudoo

What is in artistian cave in Pokemon Emerald?

there are a few items , but the Pokemon SMEARGLE is inside

What are the rare Pokemon you can get on emerald?

The rare Pokemon on emerald are Rayquasa, kyogre (hard to catch), groudon (hard to catch), ho-oh, lugia, sudwodoo, smeargle and metagross. Regirock, regiice, registeel, latais, latios, mew, deoxys, and serribi.

What Pokemon can you get in the battle frontier?

You can only catch Smeargle.

How do you catch smeargle in emerald?

water the tree in the battle frontier with a wailmer pail

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