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There's one somewhere on the rapidshare website but I don't know the exact link... sorry.

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Q: Where to find the keys bin for PSP games?
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How do you move the stockings on bin weevils?

push down the arow keys

Where you can find the bin bag?

you can find it underneath the bin.

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The popular games on bin weevil are mould splat and four in a row.

How do you become king of the bin on bin weevils?

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I searched high and low for my keys but I couldn't find them. In a nut shell, he said he was tired of all the noise and commotion.

What keys you would use to delete a file or a folder without sending it to recycle bin?

Shift + Del

What are some games like Bin Weevils?


How do you complete mission one on bin weevils?

find the bin pet

Where can you find Zebra?

you can find a zebra in the dust bin

Where do you find rommi?

you will find him in the bin and eating scraps

What do you do in the bin on shrink ray island?

i have not completed the island but i have completed the bin. you have to move things and find something at the end of the bin.

Bin weevils what to do about your bin pet it wont eat?

well your bin pet is obviously ill so check the shops in bin weevils to find solutions.