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Hi. A great site for valuing antique clocks is in the Related Links section below!

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Q: Where to find value of antique clocks?
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Where can one find antique wall clocks?

There are antique malls and antique stores all over the place which often have antique clocks. There are also sellers on ebay who sell antique clocks and many are affordably priced.

Why are antique clocks so valuable?

Not all antique clocks are valuable. Age and availability contribute to their value. But there are other factors like the maker and the design as well.

What types of antique clocks are the most expensive?

Usually grandfather clocks are the most expensive kind of antique clocks and can cost over $500,000.

How can I find out the value of a grandfather clock?

At Antique Clocks Priceguide, there are resources there to help you find how much the grandfather clock is worth. Besides pictures to browse through, there are appraisers that you can contact.

Where can I buy antique grandfather clocks online?

There is an online catalog of beautiful antique grandfather clocks and pictures of new arrivals at Solvang Antique Center. They have a good variety of clocks including early colonial wood works clocks, double-dial calendar clocks, American tall case clocks, and more. Charles Edwin Inc sells all kinds of antique clocks. There are pictures and descriptions online.

What stores in New York City sell clocks and antiques?

Walter's Antique Clock & Watch Repair in the West Village in New York sells antique clocks. New York Antiques also sells antiques. Fanelli Antique Timepieces sell antique clocks and timepieces in New York.

Where can one get antique clocks?

One can buy antique clocks at many places. The best places to get them though are at auctions, in the classified ads and from a Sale or a Consignment dealer.

Find German clocks bradley time div antique?

Brass Bradley alarm clock made in Germany

Do any brands make new clocks that look like antiques?

Yes, there are clocks that have been made as replicas of antique clocks.

What is the study of antique clocks called?

The study of antique clocks falls into the same category of studying watches, this study is scientifically called horology and those who show an interest are horologists.

Where can one find the value of an antique cameo?

The value of an antique cameo can be found on many different online websites. Some of these websites include Jonathans Diamond Buyer, Antique Cameos, and Etsy.

Where can one purchase an antique cat clock?

Antique cat clocks are widely sold at antique stores and yardsales around the country. They can also be purchased at antique furniture stores and thrift shops.

Where can you find want to find value of antique shotgun?

Library, internet, Standard Catalog of Firearms.

Where do you find the value and origin of an old sword?

you can get it from an appraiser or at some antique roadshows.

Where can one purchase an antique sofa?

Being an antique, one won't find such a sofa in IKEA or Value CIty Furniture. The best place to find a unique antique sofa would be in the random antique shops scattered throughout the downtown and small town shopping centers.

What is the answer to the Jumble All the clocks at the antique store were this?

DunCE cHomP AdDiNg eNSure answer: SECONDHAND answer:

How can I determine the value of some antique body jewelry?

You should ask an antique seller or antique expert to determine the value of body jewelry.

Where can I find a value guide for antique silverware?

The are some online websites that give values fo antique silverware. One of these websites is An excellent value guide for antique silverware is "Warman's Sterling Silver Flatware: Value & Identification Guide" by Phil Dreis. It is available on for under $20.

Where can I find information regarding antique mantel clocks?

You may be able to take it to an antiques store to find out more about it, or maybe even a pawn shop. Or if you know the make if it you can look it up yourself.

How do you find the age and value of an old tapestry?

To find the age and value of an old tapestry, consult an appraiser. An antique collectible may also be able to help you find this information.

How does the authenticity of an antique affect its value?

The authenticity of an antique is the reason the item has value. Antiques have the price that they do because they are old. If an item is simply a reproduction, its value will be less than that of the real antique.

Where can I find information about the value of my collectible military toys?

You can find the value or your military toys by going to you local pawn shop or too antique store and you can get a great answer of the value of the memorabilia you own.

How do you find out the value of postcards?

Hi, there is a website called; Antique & Vintage Good luck!

How do you find the value of antique dishes?

There is two sites you can check, or Good luck

How do you make a sentence with antique in the sentence?

The item is an antique of great value.