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Where to get chikorita in Pokemon LeafGreen?


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you cant unless you trade

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You cannot get Chikorita in-game.

Sorry....you can't. Chikorita must be obtained through trade :)

I believe you have to trade it from Pokemon Emerald.

You cant.You can only get Pokemon from Sapphire ,Ruby,and leafgreen for that.

the only way i kno is to trade from emerald. ! =]

i think its talk to professor oak and he will give u cyndaquil,totodile or chikorita

Chikorita is a Grass type pokemon.

You can get Chikorita in Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, and Emerald.

Your rival will have Chikorita if you pick Totodile as your starter pokemon.

No, Chikorita is a grass type pokemon.

Chikorita cannot be caught in Pokemon FireRed. However, you can catch a Bayleef in Pokemon Colosseum, transfer it into FireRed, and breed it to get a Chikorita egg.

I think chikorita is but not in the sinoh region

i do but it is meganium but i breed it for chikorita

You have to pick chikorita as a starter

Chikorita evolves at level 16 in Pokemon Indigo.

i think you can go to the pattern bush on six island and use max repels evenchally you'll find it

my friend borrowed my gameboy and pressed whatever buttons and met all three of them.(all diferrent buttons)He caught it and released it.

Chikorita is literally a leaf Pokemon, unlike Pikachu which is a mouse Pokemon, and Charmeleon a lizard.

The 152nd Pokemon is Chikorita.

You won't need to use an Action Replay to get a Chikorita in SoulSilver. Chikorita is one of the starter Pokemon in the game. Though, if you started out with another starter Pokemon, then yes, you will need to use an Action Replay to get a Chikorita.

if you choose totodile your rival will have chikorita

The Pokemon that is no152 is Chikorita

Yes you can trade leafgreen version Pokemon to another leafgreen version.

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