Where to get legal advice if you are a victim of xarelto side effects?

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You can contact a personal injury attorney.
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Where can you get free legal advice?

Answer . There are legal counselors available on certain days at the public libraries. Sometimes they will go as far as to file your papers in court for you for a small fee. Other then the public library I think you could find out alot of information right here on the internet.

What effects did the Holocaust have on it's victims?

Answer . The Holocaust's primary effect was death - by gassing, by shooting, or by deterioration due to neglect of human needs. Most of the victims of the Holocaust were dead when it ended. About 6 million Jews were killed as well as were other enemies of the Third Reich in Germany. Those who ( Full Answer )

How can you get Legal Advice in Puerto Rico?

Answer . If you have any legal questions to real legal problems you can write an email to: . asesorialegalpr@gmail.com . Or you can visit the webpage at www. asesorialegalpr.com .

What is unauthorized legal advice?

Unauthorized legal advice is when someone who is not an attorney isgiving you legal advice. This may be requested or voluntarily butis unauthorized either way.

What are some legal hallucinogens with no side effects?

Everything that works on your mind has the potential for side effects. Just make sure that for your drug of choice you know what these are before hand, and plan for them before getting high - for your first time using anything hallucinogenic make sure to be with someone you trust to help you out if ( Full Answer )

How can you get legal advice?

Your state bar referral service can give you names for free or low cost legal advice.

Who gives legal advice?

Attorneys. It is a crime, unauthorized practice of law, for anyonewho is not an attorney to give legal advice for money. Free legaladvice is legal and worth every penny.

Where you can get free legal advice?

\nGenerally law firms will receive you and your questions for an hour\nof initial consultation at no charge. Check the yellow pages and phone a few\nto see their policies.\n. \nAlso, in many states and provinces, Legal Aid is available at no charge. It\nwill also assist you without much if any co ( Full Answer )

What side effects Coming off seroquel after 5 months without medical advice?

As a rule of thumb, drug withdrawal precipitates extremes of whatever the drug was meant to help in the first place. (Rebound effect) Symptoms of Seroquel withdrawal include nausea, insomnia, or symptoms of schizophrenia or manic depression. Withdrawal should be closely monitored by a physician, ( Full Answer )

What is the effect of bulllying on victim?

well some bullies have stuff going on at home and they are prolly angry about it and try to take it out on people not just at school but out side at work anywhere

How do you get legal advice to see your grandchildren?

my grandsons mum wont let us see my grandsons because she wants us to have them more my son passed away 2010 and now she wants us javascript:void(0);to have them more as she has moved her boyfriend in

Doctors advice on side effects for the drug bupar?

If you meant to ask about the side effects of "BuSpar", below is a link to a list of all the side effects of BuSpar (Buspirone) and it is organized according to how frequently they occur.

Can the paralegal give legal advice?

No paralegal's do not have the athourity to give legal advice. If they give legal adive they are engaging in the unathorized practice of law. They could get into serioud trouble if they engage in this often.

What is the effect of victim towards crime?

the effect varies from what type of person it is to what type of crime it is like say it is a robbery a physical effect would be the victim could have gotten shot or beaten by the person that committed the crime, or the victim could end up with mass hysteria because of the same thing happening again ( Full Answer )

Why do people seek legal advice from WikiAnswers?

i wouldn't know ive never needed legal advice from wikianswers. i sugest you ask the people who do seek legal advice from wikianswers. my guess is maybee they have no one else to seek legal advice from.

What are the effects on the victims of bullying?

Victims of bullying generally experience a wide range of post traumatic symptoms. Such as: . Nightmares . Cold sweats present with rapid heart beat . Fear of people . Aggression . Depression . Anxiety or panic . Suicidal thoughts and actions (in severe cases) Those who have been bulli ( Full Answer )

Legal advice on the house that you bought?

A real estate attorney can provide legal advice on issues involving a home purchase. Every state has a bar association which lists the member attorneys, usually by type of practice. Many of these associations also provide legal referrals. Below is a link to a resource directory of bar associations n ( Full Answer )

Can you get free legal advice on WikiAnswers?

I'm afraid that it is not possible to receive legally binding advice, pertinent to your specific problem, on this site. Questions here are usually answered only in generalities. I suggest that you try locally to determine if there are free any legal clinics conducted by local attorneys in your town ( Full Answer )

Where can you get legal advice for free?

There are many options for free and low cost legal advice/help. Many courthouses provide self-help workshops on common legal issues (like divorce). While they generally cannot give you actual legal advice, they can walk you through the divorce process, provide you with the proper forms, etc. You sho ( Full Answer )

Does the GAO provide legal advice?

The GAO provides legal advice to Congress, reviews legislative proposals, and assists with drafting legislation. Its staff investigates possible civil and criminal misconduct discovered during audits and evaluations.

Can a victim of domesic violence get legal?

Hi! I was a victim of domestic abuse. I was verbally abused and physically abused by my son's father. You can get help. You need to go to the police to get help with physical abuse. They can help you initially and have your partner arrested. Once your partner is arrested, you need to leave your ho ( Full Answer )

Who gives legal advice to the president?

The Judiciary Act of 1789 established the role of the Attorney General. The AG's duty was to advise the President and Congress on legal matters. Over time, this department grew, eventually becoming the Department of Justice. Currently (2011) Eric Holder is the AG. As a member of the President's cabi ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of bullying on victims?

it can be mental or physical and can also be longterm. bullying can cause a person to have low self esteem and even push themselves to commit suicide. However, being a victim of bullying could also make some one become stronger.

Free legal advice in seattle?

There are lots of options available in Seattle. The best place will depend on your income and the type of attorney you are looking for. Check Court Reference for the most convenient list of links to free and low cost legal services.

How does cyberbullying effect the victims?

Victims often suffer from self-esteem, according to research. Additionally, it affects them psychologically and emotionally as they struggle with anger, frustration, and sadness. Finally, there are behavioral consequences as they often act out - either externally through fights, school delinquency ( Full Answer )

What are the effect of bullying on the victims?

-Victim might not prefer going out as much -His *friends* might start to abandon him -if he gets blamed for the bullys actions, then he might have trouble with parents or police. -He might commit suicide -physical injury -mental injury/illness K-T

Where does the governor gets its legal matter advice?

Typically a chief executive has a counsel to his office, and a counsel to him personally. The Attorney General is considered the highest law-enforcement authority of the State, and sometimes legal opinions are sought from this office. The Solicitor General acts to advocate on behalf of the governmen ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of bullying on the victims?

The effect is that they get a laugh from audience. They think that making someone else feel bad just to have a laugh for less then about 2 minutes. It's pathetic ! Also they might do it to take there anger out on someone who either won't fight back and or, who's weaker then the bully. Sometimes when ( Full Answer )

Where can you find prepaid legal advice?

Prepaid legal advice can be had for approximately $26.00 a month. This is a fairly new service and there are many different firms available online. They can help with small and large legal problems.

What effects can bullying have on the victim?

You can lose your self-confidence- being a bully victim can lower your self esteem- just keep telling yourself/ the victim that you're stronger than the bully. . You can be distracted- You may just be scared of the bully but always tell yourself/ the victim that you'll pass through this. . You may ( Full Answer )

What are the side effects of legal steroids?

What are the side effects of LEGAL steroids? The difference between legal and illegal steroids is a prescription. So, if you're taking LEGAL steroids, you're on a really low dose of testosterone, and the side effects will be minimal. However, you probably want to know the side effects of illegal, ( Full Answer )

Where can you find legal advice?

The most important thing to take into account is who you are getting the advice from. While sometimes general legal advice can be helpful, each case is different and you should get guidance based on your specific facts. Be sure that you are speaking with a licensed attorney about your specific situa ( Full Answer )

How does a rattlesnake's venom effect a victim?

well it can cause you to be paralized then slowly make it's way to your heart wich then causes everything to shut down in your body then it quickly causes you to die i hope im not wrong im only 11 i live in florida

What are the effects of bulling on victims?

the type of effect on a victim is committing suicide or becoming a bully them self or may crack and try to kill the bully later or now in life and yes if the victim commit suicide yes you can get arrested because bulling is against the law

Can pregnant women eat tapioca some said there is side effect eating tapioca during pregnant Kindly advice you thanks?

In Western societies Tapioca, or Cassava, is considered safe. In fact, it can provide important minerals and nutrients during pregnancy, particularly Omega 3, vitamin B, and a small amount of iron. Cassava, which is farmed in South America is used as a thickener. By itself, it isn't always the most ( Full Answer )

What are the effects on both sides and bullying and the victim?

The effects on the bully depends, They can either feel a sense of power and dominance and carry on bullying, In some cases even through adulthood. Or they can feel ashamed and have emotional scaring because they have done such a terrible thing. The Effects on the victim again depends, They can feel ( Full Answer )

Where can you get legal advice on credit card debts?

One of the best places to find legal advice online is Expert Law. They have lawyers that answer and questions a person may have regarding credit card debt and what to do about it.

Where can one get legal advice after a scaffold accident?

Depending on where you live there should be a legal consultant center which will help you locate the proper attorney. Otherwise, it would be beneficial to use your favorite engine and locate an attorney in your town.

What does the Legal Advice Bureau specialize in?

The legal advice bureau specializes in giving people legal advice for any legal service you might need. such as home property, civil rights, public. And they also offer corporate legal services.

Where can one seek legal advice?

Legal advice can be obtained by contacting a lawyer. Lawyers are listed in the phone book and also online. It is good to get a referral from a friend or colleague when seeking representation. All lawyers are not the same and some are better advocates than others.