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You had better check on the mountain of paperwork you will have to do to get the permits you will need to trap any raptor in the US. You might also want to check on what will happen if you get caught without those permits. You dont just simply trap a hawk. if you think that falconty may not be for you. to make a hawk your hunting buddy and nothing lesser than a friend you have to watch a nest and climb the tree and get a fledgling. remember it not just a sport it a way to make a friend that you sould charish and never mistreat him or her

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Q: Where to trap Red-Tailed Hawks for use in Falconry?
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Where in VA to trap Red-Tailed Hawks for use in Falconry?

You should be a licensed falconer by the federal government and the state where you reside. To trap or molest birds of prey carries heavy fines and jail time. Just from your question I can tell you are not a licensed falconer because if you where your falconry sponsor would be taking you out to help you trap your first Hawk.

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Im not the greatest person to be answering this but I would like to help. Humans actually help the red tailed hawks, I know it sounds wierd but we do. Our buildings can provide these hawks with shelter for building their nests and our telephone poles as well, since humans dont really bother them. Red tailed Hawks arent an endangered species, there are actually a lot of these hawks around. We also use them for falconry, we train them to hunt, which has helped their population number go up.

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