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Where was Lil Tweety born?

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What is Lil tweety real name?

wats lil tweety real name?

Who is lil tweety?

lil tweety is a hispanic rapper and is the best and favorite song he sings is "Set You Free"

When did lil tweety start his career?

Lil Tweety Started His Career In 2000. He Came Out With THE BAD BOy Albulm

What is lil tweety's last name?

Tweety Bird or Tweety Pie .

Were does lil tweety live?

Indio(: California..

How old is lil tweety?

About 23Years Old..

What happened to lil tweety the rapper?


When was Tweety Gonzรกlez born?

Tweety González was born in 1963.

Does lil tweety have kids?

Yes he has 3 and a step-son

When is tweety bird born?

Tweety Bird was born on November 21, 1942 and of Feburary 11, 2009 Tweety is 67.

Does lil tweety have a girlfriend?

Yes, her name is Sweety she's pink

How old is lil tweety the rapper singer?

He's About 23Years Old.

When was Tweety Carter born?

Tweety Carter was born on 1986-10-25.

When was Tweety Valentine born?

Tweety Valentine was born on November 5, 1990, in USA.

When is lil tweety birthday?

July 21 1988 ;; he's 21 this year of ohh-ninee

How many siblings does Lil Tweety have?

four brothers idk how many sisters bur he had 2 sons :]

When did lil tweety die?

NO ! He's Still Alive &&Workinq At Walmart* Super Center In La Quinta..

What was the name of the artist who sang teenage love?

Slick Rick and Lil' Tweety both sang versions.

Is lil tweety dead?

NO ! He's Not Dead, , He's Still Alive &&Workinq At Walmart* Super Center In La Quinta..

When was tweety created?

tweety pie was made in the 1940's Tweety is also known as tweety pie but yes, tweety was made in the 1940's

When was little tweety born?

November 21, 1942

Is lil tweety married?

yes his wife is named celina and he has three kids n a step-son :{ too bad for yew

What gender is tweety?

Tweety is male.

What kind of animal is Tweety?

Tweety is a canary.

Who made tweety bird and when?

Bob Clampett was the original creator of Tweety (or Tweety Bird and Tweety Pie) who was first seen on the 21st November 1942.