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The term Diabetes (is Greek) was coined by Aretaeus of Cappadocia (he practiced medicine about 100 AD). It is derived from the Greek word, diabaínein that literally means "passing through," or "siphon", a reference to one of diabetes' major symptoms-excessive urine production. In 1675, Thomas Willis added the word mellitus, from the Latin meaning "honey", a reference to the sweet taste of the urine. This sweet taste had been noticed in urine by the ancient Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, and Indians. In 1776, Matthew Dobson confirmed that the sweet taste was because of an excess of a kind of sugar in the urine and blood of people with diabetes.

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Q: Where was diabetes discovered?
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Who discovered diabetes?

sushruta discovered diabetes in the 6th centry b.c. idiet

When and how was diabetes discovered?

Diabetes was discovered back in ancient times. It was commonly referred to as "the pissing evil".

Who discovered insulin is a treatment for diabetes?

Canadian scientist Fredrick Banting discovered that insulin is a treatment for diabetes.

How did Sushruta discover diabetes?

what did susruta discover about diabetes she discovered pancreas

Who discovered the cure for the diabetes?

There is no cure for diabetes, yet, however Dr Fredrick Banting and Charles Best discovered insulin which helps to control diabetes by regulating blood sugar.

When was the cure for diabetes discovered?

There is no cure for Diabetes There is only a controling treatment called insulin

What year was diabetes discovered?

what year was it discover

Who discovered the causes of diabetes?

butt jiggles

When was diabetes discovered and by whom?

Whoever put it was discovered by someone is an idiot, the correct answer is that it was discovered by Thomas Willis in 1965

Who was the first to discover diabetes?

It was discovered in BC times.

Who discovered that insulin was a cure for diabetes?

Insulin is not a cure.

When is gestational diabetes discovered?

Doctors typical test for gestational diabetes around week 24 to 28 of a woman's pregnancy. If you have a history of diabetes you may be tested earlier.

Who discoverd diabetes?

Dabetes was discovered by a Greek physician, Aretaeus of Cappadocia.

Is there treatmints for diabetes?

From what I know, there has not yet been a treatment discovered for diabetes as of today. Although there are ways of preventing it as well as controlling it, but that's about it.

Who discovered type 1 diabetes?

federico panocha was the first man to discover type one diabetes in his moms basement as he was masterbating.

Can diabetes be transmitted?

By touch, no. Possibly by genetic traits, but because the source of type 1 diabetes has not been discovered, no actual result can be named.

When was type 1 diabetes discovered?

Type 1 Diabetes is usually diagnosed at early childhood.It is known to be juvenile in onset and has an extreme link with genetics.

When was diabetes 2 first discovered?

The diabetes was first discovered in the year 1552 BC. by an Egyptian physician named Hesy-Ra. And in the year of about 600 BC. an Indian physican, "Susruta" of the Hindus was the first ever person to actually diagnose the disease that was later on given the name diabetes. Hope I answered your question and hope I helped.

Is there a cure for type 1 diabetes-?

There is now a cure for diabetes type 1 after scientists have discovered to transformed ordinary skin cells into pancreatic cells producing insulin.

What progress has been made in curing diabetes?

Researchers in Toronto have recently discovered what they believe is the cause of diabetes. They believe that it has to do with your nervous system. From this they believe they could find a cure.

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Dr. Frederick Banting discovered insulin as a treatment for diabetes in 1921.

How many people died because of diabetes before insulin was discovered?

Impossible to know. Sorry.

What is the best medicine to treat chromium picolinate diabetes?

The best medicine to treat chromium picolinate diabetes seems to be nutritional supplements. There are many available and due to my research, I have discovered that this particular type of diabetes can be controlled by diet and a mineral supplement.

Lisa has just discovered she has diabetes. She goes to her local community health center to look for services and resources to help her learn to live with and manage her diabetes. What services and re?

Lisa is likely to find diabetes support groups and groups educating her on how to eat properly to manage her diabetes.

Who discovered the endocrine system?

Physicians in China in the second century B.C. knew about hormones and used them in medicines. Joseph von Mering and Oskar Minkowski discovered diabetes.