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Where was fried chicken first made?

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It is, but fried chicken is made up of 100 percent white meat.

'Colonel' Harland Sanders first fried his recipe for fried chicken in North Corby,Kentucky

The first Kentucky fried chicken restaurant was opened in London in the United Kingdom.

No the original fried chicken was first created by the colonel Sanders Kentucky in 1889.(now KFC)

Yes, it is really fried, if you're looking for the best fried chicken in Melbourne, come and visit Big Mumma's Fried Chicken. :)

personally i make home made egg fried rice or home made macaroni cheese from scratch and have that with fried chicken could have with noodles and Chinese salad etc

I certainly have fried chicken.

Chicken fried steak got its name from the way its prepared. Its breaded and fried in the manner of fried chicken, thus "chicken fried" steak!

When you smell fried chicken you think it's burned but it's not! It's fried so it's smells fried and it will definitely smell like chicken.So, the smell of fried chicken is fried and chicken which makes it fried chicken!

Fried chicken is a very yummy crispy Food but not everyone likes it. It can be dipped/servered with Barbeque and other sauces. Fried Chicken sadly is made from chickens animals. If you wish to know more information, search up fried chicken on your search engine.

"Fried" means cooked in hot oil. "Chicken fried" means battered and then cooked in hot oil. "Fried chicken" used to mean the same as "Chicken fried chicken." Then dishes like "chicken fried steak" became popular. So, although redundant, the term "chicken fried" was used to describe battered and hot-oil-cooked chicken as well.

The first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant opened in the U.K. in 1965 and now there are over 800 locations.

Fried Chicken comes from well Chicken

YES Fried chicken is REALLY YUMMY well to me it is... Hahaha Its chicken... And its fried...

Yes, it did. The first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant is located in Corbin, Kentucky.

In a year over 2,000 chickens are killed for chicken but only half of them go to be fried and sold

That depends largely on how the chicken is prepared and how much of it you feed to the dog. Some of the best home-made dog food is made with boiled chicken. However, fried or deep fried chicken are generally not a good idea.

On the lighter sideFried chicken was discovered in 1802 by a man called "the Colonel". He made this discovery because a chicken had escaped from the hen house and had made a run for its life. That day, though, was the day "The Colonel" always fried some potatoes to eat. "The Colonel" caught the chicken, and as he was taking it to the chopping board, he tripped and accidentally flung the chicken into the fryer, thereby inventing chicken fries and fried chicken at the same time.

Fried chicken is chicken of course that is dipped in some sort of dough and fried in a deep frier.

The first Kentucky Fried Chicken was in Corbin, Kentucky.

Fried chicken is good. I <3 FRIED CHICKEN!!!

Yes, but then it's called chicken fried chicken.

Baked chicken might be healthier if you mean fried chicken as in "oil" fried chicken. If you are just frying the chicken itself with no other ingredients, then the fat will be fried out of the chicken, so that could be considered healthier.

Diabeteseat fried chicken

It is country fried chicken

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