Where was robonaut sent in space?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: Where was robonaut sent in space?
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How much did it cost to build robonaut 2?

£5.54 (fact)

What was the first Canadian space shuttle sent to space?

Canada has never sent a Space Shuttle into space.

Who sent the Apollo into space?

N.a.s.A sent the Apollo spacecrafts in space.

Where was sputnik sent to?

it was sent to space

What was the name of the dog sent in space in 1997?

No dog was sent into space in 1997

Who sent Apollo 11 into space?

It was N.A.s.A that sent Apollo 11 into space.

How many space probes have you sent to Jupiter?

They have sent 6 space prbes to Jupiter.

What was the first animal sent into space and what country sent it?

Laika a dog was the first animal in space it was sent by the soviet union

What was the first animal that the US sent to space?

In the 1940s the US sent fruit flies into space

What is an object sent to space to Circle earth?

What is an object sent into space to circle earthA satellite ?

Which country sent up the first animal in the space?

The USSR sent the first animals into space.

Has a guinea pig been in space?

Many dogs have been to space. The Soviets sent a total of 13 dogs into space between 1957 and 1966.