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There were two Russian Revolutions in 1917, both of which started in Petrograd (St. Petersburg).

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Q: Where was the Russian revolution started?
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In what Russian city did the Russian Revolution begin?


At what year Russian revolution started?

February, 1917.

Who started the Bolshevik revolution?

ww1 russian comunist

What are facts on the Russian revolution?

There where two RevolutionsOctober revolution and February revolutionKnow as " Bloddy Sunday1st revolution started with woman protestingThe Russian revolution, also known as the Bolshevik Revolution

What was marxes job in the Russian revolution?

He was dead before it started.

The Russian Revolution was started by?

women who were angry because there was no bread

How remarkable was the Russian revolution?

how remarkable was the Russian revolution ? how remarkable was the Russian revolution ?

Were the Romanovs killed in the Russian Revolution?

No, the Romanovs were killed the Russian Civil War several months after the Russian Revolution. The Tsar abdicated in March 1917. Then The Bolsheviks took over in October 1917. The Russian Revolution was then over and the Russian Civil War started. The Romanovs were killed in July 1918 during the Russian Civil War.Revolution

How was adolf Hitler important to the Russian revolution?

When the Revolution of 1917 started, Hitler served on the western front as a dispatch runner. So, he did not have any influence on the Russian events.

Where did the Russian civil war take place?

In Russia. The Russian Revolution started in 1905 with Bloody Sunday in St. Petersburg.

Why and how did the Russian revolution take place?

The Russian revolution was started by Stalish Joesphine, a young housewife who thought it was fun to start trouble. she was a typical woman and was always bullshiting about something.

What did the Russian revolution hope to achieve?

This was the start of something huge, the Tsar was forced to abddicate and this started the real Russian Revolution in which, in time, Russia would become a communist state.

What started the Russian Revolution?

The major cause of the Russian revolution was poverty and the lack of respect for the common people. Women who were angry because there was no bread!

Which Russian led the Bolsheviks in the Russian revolution?

Vladimir Lenin led the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution of the Russian Revolution.

What is the Russian Revolution?

Russian Revolution can refer to the following events in the history of Russia: The Russian Revolution of 1905, which was a series of riots and anti-government violence against Tsar Nicholas II. The Russian Revolution of 1917, which included the February Revolution resulting in the abdication of Nicholas II of Russia and the October Revolution, which was the Bolshevik revolt. The Third Russian Revolution, which was the failed anarchist revolution against the Bolsheviks that started in 1918. It was suppressed along with the White Movement by 1922. When the year is not indicated in the reference, the term "Russian Revolution", if used as a time mark, usually refers to the October Revolution of 1917, whereas references to the revolution of 1905 always mention the year and references to the February Revolution always mention the month.

How did the Russian revolution help the Russian people?

It didn't. It started a bloody war and destabilized the country for generation. The economy crashed and millions starved.

Who was the ruler of the Russian Revolution?

i was the ruler of the russian revolution

How did the Russian Revolution end?

The Russian Revolution ended when the Romanov dynasty was overthrown. The Russian Revolution began in 1905 and ended in 1917.

How was the Russian Revolution of 1905 different from the Russian Revolution of 1917?

The Russian Revolution of 1905 led to limits on the czar's power, but the Russian Revolution of 1917 ended the czarist system altogether.

What happened after the Russian Revolution?

After the Russian Revolution the Soviet Union formed

Did the us enter the Russian revolution?

no the us did not enter the Russian revolution

What was the name of the group which started the revolution in russia?

You are probably thinking the answer is the Bolsheviks under Vladimir Lenin and it is true that they started the October Revolution in Russia. But to answer the question as written, no group in particular "started the Russian revolution." The revolution consisted of two separate revolutions, the February Revolution and the October Revolution. The February Revolution is considered the start of the revolution of 1917. The Bolsheviks did not start that one, so it is not accurate to say they started the revolution. They did start the second revolution. While the Bolsheviks did not start the revolution, they certainly finished it.

The opposing of Czar led to the frnch revolution?

The opposing of the Russian Czar led to the Russian Revolution, the death of the Russian monarchy, and the establishment of the Russian Communist State. The French had nothing to do with the Russian Revolution.

What was cause of the October Revolution in Russia in 1917?

the russian revolution was started by some big man tings being big men init fam !

What role did Italy play in the Russian revolution?

Italy was not involved in the Russian Revolution.