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Q: Where was the first sundial made and used?
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Who invented the first Chinese sundial?

Your Mom and me did it so we made you and asians who then went on to make the sundial

Where was the sundial first used?

i dont have a clue lol

What was the first type of clocks?

The sundial was the first type of clock ever used

What came first the wheelbarrow or the sundial?


Who invented the first sundial?

Theodosius of Bithynia invented the sundial.

What country was the sundial first used?

The oldest known is from Egypt's Valley of the Kings

How did the first sundial design get made?

Someone (or some animal with a little more brain than the others) saw the shadow of something and marked the angle: voilá a sundial!

What did George Washington use to tell the time?

He used a portable sundial.

What is a timepiece made of stone?

the sundial

What dynasty made the sundial?

The Qin

When was the sundial invented?

The first sundial was invented in 609 BCE by the Neo-Babylonian Empire.

What is a sundial and who was the first person to make it?

a sundial is a device that was used to tell time a long time ago. here is a vid that will tell you all about them: