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Great Britain

Kane Kramer of England, is credited with inventing the Digital Audio Player (DAP) called the "IXI" in 1979, the earliest form of the iPod, took out a worldwide patent, but that ran out when the firm he was with split. DAP invented in Highgate, London. Apple admit that its his creation...

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Q: Where was the iPod invented?
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Who invented the iPod classic?

American inventor Tony Fadell invented the iPod. Tony was working as a contractor at Apple when he invented the iPod.

Who first invented the iPod?

Steve jobs invented the first iPod

What city was the iPod invented?

The ipod was invented in San Fransico, California.

What was the purpose of building the iPod?

what was the purpose of the ipod who invented the ipod when did they invented the ipod the purpose of building the ipod was for people to listen to the meaning of a song. and have fun.

When was the iPod Shuffle invented?

The IPOD SHUFFLE was invented on the 23rd of October 2001.

When was the first iPod touch invented?

the first IPod touch was invented in 2009

Why did Hattie Fleet invent the iPod?

No Hattie did not invent the ipod because the ipod was invented before 2008No Hattie did not invent the ipod because the ipod was invented before 2008

When was the iPod Touch it invented?

the ipod touch was invented when cavemen were alive, the cavemen loved it!

Who invented the iPod Nano third generation?

Anthony wall created the ipod nano 3rd generation Anthony wall invented the ipod nano 3rd gen. Anthony wall invented the ipod nano 3rd gen. Anthony wall invented the ipod nano 3rd gen.

When was first apple iPod invented?

ipod shuffle :)

What has been invented since 1992?

The Ipod The Ipod

What invented the iPod Touch?

Steve Jobs-the owner of Apple.Inc invented the iPod touch I think

Where they invented the iPods?

The ipod was invented in the USA

When was the iPod Nano invented?

When the iPod Nano was InventedThe iPod nano was invented by Apple Computer in 2005. It was an improvement over the previous iPod because it uses flash memory instead of a small hard disk, making it more indestructable.In 2007 the old ipod nano was booted out by the new ipod nano that was invented in 2007.2005

Did tony fadell invent the iPod?

Tony Fadell invented the iPod which is sold by Apple. He is considered the 'Father' of the iPod. He also invented the iPhone.

Who designed the iPod?

the apple designed the iPod do be specific Steve jobs invented the iPod

Why was iPod Touch invented?

For a funner and more invanzed ipod.

What was the name of the design of the1st iPod when it was invented?

the ipod shuffle

When was iPod invented?


Who invented the iPod nano?

Brendan Balfour was bornin 1987this ipod was invented by the guy named tony fadell

What person invented the iPod?

An englishman named Kane Kramer invented the iPod in 1979, when he was 23 years old.

Who invented iPod computer?

There is no such invention as the iPod computer. The computer and an iPod are two separate devices.

Inventor of an iPod?

the inventor of the iPod was Kane Kramer who invented it in 1979

Who invented the I Pod?

jubal norus invented the ipod in 2007

What inventions were invented in the year 2000?

the iPod was invented in 2000