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Where was the movie Blackhawk Down filmed?

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In what country do events of the movie and book Blackhawk Down take place?

The events of the book and movie Blackhawk Down are based on the First Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia.

Who directed Blackhawk Down?

Directed by Ridley Scott.

What is the Faith No More song in Blackhawk Down?

The song performed by Faith No More for the movie Blackhawk Down is "Falling to Pieces." It was written by band members Michael Bordin, Roddy Bottum, Billy Gould, Jim Martin, and Mike Patton; it was produced by Slash Record/London-Sire Records Ltd., and provided for the movie by arrangement with Warner Special Products.

Where was the movie 2012 filmed?

the movie 2012 was filmed in Vancouver, Canada

What are the ratings and certificates for The True Story of Blackhawk Down - 2003 TV?

The True Story of Blackhawk Down - 2003 TV is rated/received certificates of: Finland:K-15

When is twilight the movie filmed?

This is a trick question, Twilight is such a bad movie that it is no longer categorized as a movie but bumped down to a high school documentary.

Where was the movie Havana filmed?

is was filmed in Florida

Where was the movie Beetlejuice Filmed?

The movie was filmed in East Corinth,VT. We have a cabin there.

Where was the movie Before and After filmed?

The movie Before and After was filmed in various locations in Massachusetts.

What movie was filmed in wausau Wisconsin in 1996?

The movie Sliding Home was filmed there.

Where was the movie Cahill US Marshal filmed?

This movie was filmed in DURANGO, MEXICO

What is the movie that was filmed on Pandora's Navis?

the movie that was filmed on Pandora's Navis was Avatar

What Jodi Foster movie was filmed in Montreal in 1983?

the little girl who lives down the lane

What movie was filmed in Tennessee?

the "Hannah Montana" movie was filmed in Tennessee, also the movie "Walk the line".

In transformers the movie did blackhawk die?

Black Hawk was a helicopter in the movie Transformers. The helicopter was destroyed.

The Green Berets where was movie filmed?

Most of the movie was filmed at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Only the dead have seen the end of war?

This Quote is attributed to the Greek philosopher Plato in the opening of the movie Blackhawk Down but there is no known source to back this up.

Where was eragon filmed?

The movie Eragon was filmed in Hungary.

Where was the movie anaconda filmed?

It was filmed in Brazil and LA

Where was the movie Zombieland filmed?

It was filmed in Valdosta, Georgia.

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