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What ever you're smoking to think you can surf on lava, I want some!

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It's at Manerny Lake/Beach west from Enermy Town. There should be a gym leader there from another region. Talk to him and he'll give you Lava Surf. (I couldn't find a really good Pokemon that could learn it though.)

no Pokemon hold lava cookie but you can get it from the lady in lake valor simply find her key(with a Pokemon with pickup ability) then go inside and there you go she gives you a lava cookie

you can find moltress in Pokemon deluge in map 10 the lava map.

well put rock in lava, but on the place where you have 2 rocks put the uper one

Lava Plume can only be learned in newer and more recent game slke platinum diamond pearl soul silver heart gold

You would find him on firecave lava cave.

after catching heatran, go back to stark mountain and you will see groudon in the lava and when you go up to the lava groudon will come to you like he does in R/S/E and the battle will start.

it's only avalible in Hoenn region

silica is light colored lava

it looks like the pokemon is bursting lava out from its body.

Strength, but Mew is not under it! You will find a Lava Cookie, though.

Sorry to butt in 99% NO LAVA COOKIE 1% lava cookie

yes it is as the lava can produce light when the volcano erupts

go to the dragon type elite four member and after u defeat him talk to him again and he should give u a lava stone

all the lava cookie does is heals any effect that is on your pokemon. sleep, poison, burn, etc.

You can find pools of surface lava surrounded by stone, or you can find lava deep underground. I find it the most between levels four and 20.

You can get one from returning the Suite Key to the woman locked out of her room at the Grand Lake Hotel. In Platinum you can buy them in the Veilstone City Department Store.

Lava is hot and danger.The lava is fire and light.My friend saw a volcano with lava.The volcanoes are full of hot lava.

we need lava lams for light and other things.

The lava cookie is Lavaridge Town's local specialty. Lavaridge Town is a town in the Hoenn region. You can play in the Hoenn region in one of the Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald games. The lava cookie heals all the status problems of one Pokemon and its tasty too!

You will find a plasma Eevee in the Lava map that has some sort of hole on it :D I found TONS there.. - Kimmy <3