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What ever you're smoking to think you can surf on lava, I want some!

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โˆ™ 2012-08-15 04:15:08
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Q: Where will you find the lava surf in Pokemon light platinum?
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What do you do when your at the lava in Pokemon platinum?

talk to heatran and battle it

Where to get lava surf Pokemon Platinum?

It's at Manerny Lake/Beach west from Enermy Town. There should be a gym leader there from another region. Talk to him and he'll give you Lava Surf. (I couldn't find a really good Pokemon that could learn it though.)

What Pokemon is holding a lava cookie in Pokemon diamond?

no Pokemon hold lava cookie but you can get it from the lady in lake valor simply find her key(with a Pokemon with pickup ability) then go inside and there you go she gives you a lava cookie

Where can you find moltres in Pokemon deluge?

you can find moltress in Pokemon deluge in map 10 the lava map.

Where to find a lava cookie in pokemon white?

In the royal unova

How do you return back to the second gym in Pokemon light platinum because l cant lava surf and move on to the next city please help?

Same problem here lmk if you figure it out

How do you get the last badge in light platinum?

well put rock in lava, but on the place where you have 2 rocks put the uper one

How do you get Diagla in Pokemon Rumble Blast?

You would find him on firecave lava cave.

Where can find Ho-oh in Pokemon deluge?

map 10 lava map

When does quilava learn lava plum in Pokemon silver?

Lava Plume can only be learned in newer and more recent game slke platinum diamond pearl soul silver heart gold

Were can you find a lava cookie in Pokemon black?

it's only avalible in Hoenn region

Can you catch Groudon in Pokemon platinum?

after catching heatran, go back to stark mountain and you will see groudon in the lava and when you go up to the lava groudon will come to you like he does in R/S/E and the battle will start.

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