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Where would a compass point to in space?


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Well it depends weather you are close to a star or space ship. In my opinion it would point closest star or place with the most electromagnetic radiation or metal.

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yes because it will help u point to the dirces

The north pole of the compass would point toward the south pole of the magnet.

It would make a compass needle point south ! :-)

If they would intersect, that would mean that at one point in space, the field lines point to two different direction simultaneously. A compass needle would have to point to two different directions at once.

the compass would point north because it Always points north unless you are at the north pole. :)

The compass would point south, except near positive end of the magnet. It will point north. 6th grade power!!

No. A compass is a useful tool on Earth because the needle aligns with Earth's magnetic field and we know the shape of that field. There would be no such field in outer space.

A magnetic field exists in the space surrounding a current-carrying conductor. (Ampere's law). At the point in space where the compass sits, if the strength of the fields due to electrical conductors in the vicinity is a significant fraction of the strength of the earth's magnetic field, then the compass reading is guaranteed inaccurate.

An 8 point compass also known as a compass rose is a regular compass that shows the eight directions

Nowhere, your compass would continue to point north. And not only can north mean up or down but in a certain direction. this is why you hold a compass flat when it is being used.

a compass can be used anywhere.... the accuracy however may suffer in the magnetic polar regions. Then of course there is outer space where a compass would not work

If you point the north side of the compass away from you the compass will point south. Because the needle always points north (magnetism).

It would point towards the Magnetic North pole.

Compass Point Shopping Centre was created in 2002.

the way a magnet is used in a compass is that it would always point to the earth magnet north instead of the north pole

The needle, or "pointer", of a compass will always point North. See:

It depends on where the compass is in the world. Asia is a big continent, and compass points and bearings would vary greatly. For instance, the initial bearing on a course from Beijing to London is 324.43° and the compass direction is NW. From Cape Horn of South America it would be entirely different.

the magnet in the compass will point to the wires magnet.

A compass will point the same whether it is in the northern or southern hemisphere. The needle on a compass is designed to magnetically line up with the earths poles. Therefore the north end of the needle of the compass will point to earths north, and the south end of the compass needle will point towards earths south whether you are in the northern or southern hemisphere.

if the electromagnet is strong the compass will point to it not north but if it is weak it will still point north

What features of the earth makes a compass needle point north

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