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Q: Where would the air contains in the most moisture?
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When air contains as much moisture as possible at a specific temperature it is what?


Which term is applied to the air that contains all the moisture it can hold?


Why does cookies retain their crispness only when kept in air-tight containers?

The air in the environment contains moisture, which the crackers would absorb if they were not kept in an airtight tin. Keeping them in a tin prevents them from being exposed to a lot of moisture (there's still a little in the tin, but not nearly as much as their would be if the crackers were kept out in the open), hence they retain their crispness.

Which holds more moisture warmer air or colder air?

The air that holds the most moisture in their air hole is warmer.

Where would the air contain the most moisture over Panama or over Antarctica?

The air would contain more moisture over Panama than over Antarctica. This is because Antarctica is classified as a desert, and all of its moisture is frozen in snow or ice.

What element contains 26 electrons and rusts in the presence of air and moisture?


Is Boston north or south of the equator?

Boston is definitely in the north this for every body

Why fingers become shrinkage in winter?

Fingers more wrinkled in winter because the air contains less moisture, so the hands lose moisture to the air.

Suggest an activity to show that air contains moisture?

Cool a sheet of metal and leave it in the room, if the air contains water vapour it will condense on the cold metal.

Can you use comp air to leak check central air cond for your home?

No, it contains too much moisture.

When air contains as much moisture as possible at a specific temperature it is at dew point?


Which can hold the most moisture?

Warm Air