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how to get shoni arms in fossil fighters ds

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Q: Where you can find Shoni arms in fossil fighters?
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Where you can find Shoni arms in fossil fighters in bottomsup bay?

Shoni arms can be found anywhere but I mostly find them in in the first secret passage under one of the rocks. Don't give up ;)

Fossil fighters where to find t-rex body and arms?

in parchment desert

Where are of body parts of vivasaurs in fossil fighters?

Vivasaurs in fossil fighters are broken down into four parts. A player must find the head, legs, arms and body to complete the fossil and revive the vivasaurs.

Where do you find Aeros arms and legs in fossil fighters champions?

upgrade sonar 2 the max

Where you find guan on fossil fighters?

The Guan Fossil rock for all the parts- Head, Body, Arms, and Legs- is in Mt. Lavaflow.

How do you find the Ingo fossil on Fossil Fighters?

Igno is a king trye from fossil fighters champino

Where do you find sachian in fossil fighters?

If you meant Saichan, then Mt. Lavaflow in the regular Fossil Fighters. I'm not sure about Fossil Fighters: Champions.

Where do you find the frigisaur fossil on fossil fighters?

in the sea

Where to find fossil chips in fossil fighters?

you buy it at the fossil guild

Where can you find kentros fossil in fossil fighters?

In bb base

Where do you find a Styraco fossil on Fossil Fighters?

At the BB Base

How do your vivosaurs learn skills in fossil fighters?

just find new fossil parts like legs, body, or arms then a new skill will be available to find new parts you'll need fossil chips buy them in the store