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You can go on or this site.. but you might have to sign up for a site to go and watch it but.. its free.

just click on what episode you want and it takes you there..

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Where can you find episode 84 of kirarin revolution?

I found some torrents. these episodes are RAW though:

Where can you find kirarin revolution episode 107?

Where can you watch Kirarin Revolution 90 sub?

I watched episode 90 on this website. please copy and paste it in the bar. the website is there please copy and paste the bold and italicized letters! I hope you enjoyed Kirarin Revolution because I sureHello. I would suggest you go to they have kirarin revolution episodes 1-107. I don't know where to find the rest hope this helped.

Where can you find kirarin revolution episode 105?

Twilight Paradise hasn't finished subbing all the episodes yet. They only subbed to episodes 1-104. When it comes out you can watch it here: But you would have to register...So you can watch it here:

Where can you watch kirarin revolution episode 30?

You can find the episode on

Where can you read Kirarin Revolution?

you can find it at mangafox

Are there kissing scenes in Kirarin Revolution?

in one of the episodes this new male idol that might have kissed kirarihirtoto is also jealous of this new male idolfind out yourselvesand No

Where you cant find the episodes of kirari?

do you mean ''where can i find the kirarin revolution ep?'' for do i hava a answer on this link you can find the 52-102 ep and on the link you can find 1-51 and 103-113 is was all

Where can you find kirarin revolution episode 116-153? IN FRENCH)-_-

Where can you watch kirarin revolution online?

this is just for America but, you can either go to where you can watch on megavideo for 72 minutes, not a very good deal, or you can go to and search 'kirarin revolution episode _' to find a different site. it will be subbed. for any other country, i don't know.

Where can you watch Kirarin revolution 116 and up eng SUB?

You would have to find the website that will let you do this. There might also be special software requirements.

Where can you watch kirarin revolution?

You can watch it at they have episodes 1-106 dis is from animelover45 anyway if u cant find it at anilikz at home means something wrong with ur com if u dnt mind downloading dn do it and dnt go to humyo or else ur com will crash i have norton anti virus to warn me and im warning u oh n one more thing go use a laptop or o to an iternet cafe to watch kirarin revolution at anilinkz they usually work hoped tht help =)

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