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Q: Which Biological change over time accounts for the diversity of species. This diversity?
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What is the advantage of diversity within species?

The advantage is that if there is a change in the environment - climate change, new pathogen, etc. - more diversity makes it much more likely that some members of the species survive.

What makes an ecosystem stable?

Having a diversity of species and having resistance towards change

What is an example of an external factor causing a change in the diversity of an ecosystem?

A change in temperature brings a new species to an ecosystem.

What is the term for the biological process by which the different species on earth change over time?


What is clining?

In biological terms it is the change in certain characteristics of populations of organisms of the same species

How does biodiversity change with latitude and area?

There is maximum diversity at equator and minimum at poles , areas also change with change of latitudes .

Define the biological process of evolution?

Biological evolution is the change of animal and plant life over time. Biological evolution is used to explain changes in finch beaks for example.

How can nonrandom mating change allel frequencies?

Non-random mating means that individuals of many species have a choice about which partners to mate with. In population genetics, allele frequencies are used to depict the amount of genetic diversity in a species. There is no current research to show nonrandom mating impacts a species genetic diversity.

What is the relationship between genetic diversity and survival rate?

The more genetically diverse a species is, the higher the survival rate of that species in the presence of some kind of catastrophe or sudden change.

How can ecological succession can change populations and species diversity?

due to extensive research, i have come to the conclusion that i do not know

What are the two factors that account for diversity of species?

The diversity of sexually reproducing species is a result of the fact that a) gene pools change over time (by selection and genetic drift) and that b) reproductive isolation occurs, leading to the inability of the descendants of formerly interbreeding subpopulations to interbreed (speciation).

What is the relationship between biological 'island ' size and the number of species that can live there?

The smaller the island the fewer species that can live there. The smaller their populations can be the more vulnerable they are to further disturbance or climate change.