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The Methodist church

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2010-03-26 14:20:29
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Q: Which Christian denomination was founded by John Wesley?
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What are John Wesley contributions to christian history?

John Wesley founded the United Methodist denomination. One of his major contributions was a church focus on social justice. Another was the importance placed on music and praise.

The reverand gohn wesley was the founder of what Christian denomination?

John Wesley is attributed to founding Methodist, and possibly Wesleyan denominations.

Why did John Wesley Turner create the Methodist religion?

First off, Methodism is NOT a religion. It is a denomination of the Christian religion. Secondly, his name was John Wesley, not John Wesley Turner. John Wesley did not originally mean to establish a new denomination, he just wanted to make the Anglican Church more evangelical.

What did John wesley do?

John Wesley founded Methodism and fought to abolish slavery.

Who founded methodism?

John Wesley

Who founded the Methodist movement?

John Wesley founded Arminian Methodism and George Whitfield founded Calvinistic Methodism. The Methodism of which we are familiar today stems from John Wesley.

Who founded Methodist church?

John Wesley

Who was the Methodist religeon founded by?

The Methodist religion was founded by John Wesley

The origin of which Protestant denomination can be traced to John Wesley a clergyman in the Church of England?


What was john Wesley?

methodism Actually, Christianity...and he was an Anglican priest at the time of his death. "Methodism" was a title placed upon him and those who followed his renewal movement throughout England and beyond. Methodism was a Christian movement that became a Christian denomination.

Was John Wesley a member of the Methodist denomination?

Answer:Actually, ironically Wesley never was a member of the Methodist denomination. He was an Anglican priest his whole life and he never left Anglicanism. He founded Methodism as a Bible study to go alongside Anglicanism but never as a new denomination. After he died his followers left Anglicanism and started the Methodist denomination.AnswerJohn Wesley founded the Methodist movement in 1739. He was originally an Anglican like his father. A quick search of the internet can provide a number of very good biographical summaries of his life.Answer:The first one is correct. Methodism was not founded by John Wesley. It was founded by Christians in America based on the the teachings of John Wesley. This was done actually right before his death. The first he heard of the American church called Methodism was on his deathbed and he was saddened. Wesley remained an Anglican throughout his life. The term "methodist" was first used by other Oxford students to describe the bible study group that John and Charles formed. They were called "methodists" as an insult, because they were very methodical in their studies and practices. It was not a term coined by Wesley to describe a church he created. In the most basic form his theology was that we are saved by the Grace of God, and as such should do all the good we can in His name while on earth. His sermons are amazing to read.

Was John Dalton a Christian?

Yes, he was a quaker. Quakerism is a denomination of Christianity.

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