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Q: Which European country is the largest in land area Slovakia Portugal or Spain?
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Which European country is larger in land area Slovakia Portugal Spain?

Spain is the largest with 505 900 kilometers2 or 195 364 miles2. Portugal is the second largest of the three with area of 90 212 kilometers2 or 35 603 miles2. Slovakia is the smallest of the three with area of 49 035 kilometers2 or 18 932 miles2.

Which country is the largest in land area Slovakia Portugal or Spain?

it's Spain

Which European country was the first and largest to colonize Brazil?


Which is larger Spain Portugal or Slovakia?

Spain is the largest of those three countries.

Is Portugal the smallest country in Europe?

Geographical comparison is always relative. Comparing Portugal to continental countries and of course Portugal is a small country. However Portugal is the 19th largest country in Europe, meaning it's a medium size country in European terms. One province of Portugal is like the size of Belgium.

Which European country known for cork production has a high population in the areas around the city of Oporto?

The country is Portugal. Oporto, known as Porto in Portugal itself, is the second largest city in the country after the capital, Lisbon.

What country is the largest country to share a border with Portugal?

The only country sharing a border with Portugal, that is, Spain

What is the European country?

European Russia is the largest European country by area and population.

What country is largest cork producer?


What is the capital of slovia?

The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava. It is the largest city in Slovakia and serves as the political, cultural, and economic center of the country.

What country in the EU is the largest?

The largest country in the European Union by land area is France. In terms of population, Germany is the largest country in the EU.

Which biggest country Europe?

The largest territory in Europe belongs to Russia. The largest completely European country is Ukraine. The largest country in the European Union is France.