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The Nintendo DSi, DSI XL, 3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS, New 3DS XL, and 2DS all take pictures

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Q: Which Nintendo takes pictures
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Related questions

Does the Nintendo dsixl have a video cammera?

no but it does have a camera but it only takes pictures

Can you play games on Nintendo DSi?

Yes you can and it also takes pictures, and records stuff XD

Can you transfer pictures from a Nintendo DSi to a Nintendo DS?

No, the Nintendo DS does not use pictures. But you can transfer DSi pictures into the 3DS in a future update.

Can you take pictures on a Nintendo DS?

You can't take pictures on a Nintendo DS. You can, however, using a Nintendo DSi or a Nintendo DSi XL.

Can you add music and pictures to a Nintendo ds?

No, but you can if you have a Nintendo DSI, or a Nintendo Ds XL.

How do you copy pictures from Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo DS cannot not store nor save pcitures so it is not possible to copy pictures from the Nintendo DS

Is there a Nintendo DS that plays Gameboy Advance and takes pictures?

No there isnt. The DSi can take photos but can't play GBA games.

Can you Distort pictures on the Nintendo 3DS?


How do you send pictures on Nintendo DS?

I think that you turn on your Nintendo DS, and go to Ds Download Play. Go to My Pictures and I don't know.

Can the Nintendo 2D's take pictures?

The Nintendo 2D can take pictures and has two cameras on the back. However, the pictures cannot be displayed on the device itself and must be transferred to a 3D model.

Can you watch videos on Nintendo DSi?

no, but you can take pictures

Can you transfer pictures from a computer to a Nintendo DSi?


Can a Nintendo DSi take video?

no only pictures

How do you send pictures from a Nintendo DSi to a Nintendo DS?

It's not possible. A regular DS or DS Lite doesn't have pictures on it, only a DSi or a DSi XL.

Can the Nintendo DSi save pictures with out an sd card?

The Nintendo DSi cannot save pictures without an SD card. SD card must also be compatible with the Nintendo DSi to be able to save photos.

Can the Nintendo ds lite capture pictures?

simply put : no Only the dsi can capture pictures

A person who takes pictures with a camera?

A person who takes pictures with a camera is called a photographer.

Can you transfer pictures from sd card to Nintendo DSi?

yes you can.

Do you need a memory card to hold your pictures on a Nintendo DSi?

No, you do not.

Can a Nintendo DSi take pictures?

Yes, and the dsi xl.

Can the Nintendo Wii take pictures?

No. The Wii does not have a built-in camera.

Does a3DS have picture chat?

No, the Nintendo 3DS. takes pictures that are more advanced and uses 3D picture's but it doesn't have an advance picture chat but you can switch picture's with other's. Sorry.

What can a Nintendo dsi you do?

Did you mean what can you do on a Nintendo DSi? You can take pictures, capture sounds, warp pictures, warp sounds, make flipbooks, see how alike two people are . You can do a lot of stuff.

When do red Nintendo 3DSs come out in in the US?

Nintendo hasn't announced the color red for the Nintendo 3DS, even though it was a color on E3 2010 pictures.

Pictures of Wii?

I suggest going on google and typing in Nintendo Wii!