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Q: Which Russian female player did the bulova watch commercial?
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Who is the actress playing the goalie in the barbasol commercial?

I'd have to do some checking, but it might be Manon Rheaume, who attempted to become the first female NHL player....she was a goalie...

Is Alexander Semin Russian?

Yes. He is Russian professional hockey player By-TheBladeofFate

Who was first female nfl player?

There has yet to be a female NFL football player.

Who is the best Russian hockey player?

Alexander Ovechkin

Best soccer player in the world of Canada?

me Russian

Who is the best Russian tennis player?

Maria Sharapova

Who was a famous Russian player of xylophone?

petert lewin 1900 >

Who is Artem Anisimov?

He is a Russian professional ice hockey player.

Who is the best soccer player in Russian history?

Andrei Arshavin

Who is nataliya goncharova?

nataliya goncharova was born on June 1, 1989. she was born in RUSSIA, She is a Ukraine Russian female volleyball player. she was married to Alexey Obmochaev. she won the Bronze madal, and Silver medal. also for the best spiker.

Who is the youngest Russian player to win the Stanley Cup?

Sergi federov

Who was the first Russian player to play for the Montreal Canadiens?

Oleg Petrov