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The word "Best" is a relative word, the meaning of which will depend on your own perspective. Some peoplke will consider the length of time a school has been established, in this sense Karachi Grammer School (KGS) is the best. If you look for the sort of contact your child will make for future life, once again KGS wins hands down.

The City School and Beaconhouse School System are run as franchise operations and in my opinion suffer accordingly, where commercial objectives outweigh educational objectives and as such are highly successful commercial ventures.

Other long established schools include St Patrick, Foundation, BVHS etc. All in my opinion are run as profit centres and education is almost a byproduct, where as many students as is possible are crammed in to classes.

Some recent additions to the marketplace have won plaudits on how they are run and have smaller class numbers, good facilities, highly trained staff and certainly at present are placing the education of their students ahead of pure commercial gains. Two of these are World Academy and Rhodene Academy, which would be worth consideration.

But like I said, it all depends on how you view the meaning of the word BEST.

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1. International School of Choueifat


3.Resource Academia


1. PACANS, 2nd floor Capri Center Gulberg 3 call 0300-4094094



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The best academy for O level tuition in Lahore.

Canada Qualified Teacher teaching O LEVEL: Economics, Business Studies, Commerce, English, Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies A LEVEL: Economics, Business Studies ACCA: F1 CAT: T5 IELTS, SPOKEN ENGLISH, BUSINESS ENGLISH. 0300-4094094; 0312-6785544 ALL RATES ARE PER MONTH!

Class features

Air-conditioned room, Comfortable chairs, White board, electronically equipped and nice atmosphere.

Muhammad Umar Khan (President FET SYSTEM) Graduate member of Canadian institute of marketing and holder of Ontario College Degree-Business Marketing Canada along with Deans Honor Roll Award(2 times) GPA 97% is providing coaching for all these subjects himself.

The rates are in Pakistani rupees:

O-LEVEL: 2000; A-LEVEL: 3000; ACCA: 3000; CAT: 2500; IELTS: 2000; SPOKEN ENGLISH: 1000

Registration fees: 500

Days and Timings:

Days: Thursday to Saturday

Timings: 3-8pm

* Rates are Subject to change without prior notice

1-MONTH CRASH COURSE/ 2-MONTH COURSE/ 3-MONTH COURSE/ 5-MONTH COURSE Write at or call at 0300-4094094; 0312-6785544

Address: 0ffice no.7 2nd floor Capri Center Firdaus Market Gulberg 3, Lahore.

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PACANS (Pak-Canadian Schooling)

2nd floor Capri Center Firdaus market Firdaus Market, Lahore


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Q: Which Tuition is best for o levels studies In Lahore?
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PACANS(Canada Qualified teacher) in Firdaus market Gulberg 3 Lahore. Classes of O and A level tuition for Economics, Business studies, Maths, Commerce, and English. 0300-4094094 Apex in Main Market Gulberg II Lahore have a good reputation, I have personal experience of Sociology and economics classes with them. ~ Best of luck ~

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