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No Warrior Cats have brown eyes, because simply... cats cannot have brown pupils! The closest thing to brown cats can have is amber.

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Cinderpelt has brown eyes in the Warrior Cats series.

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Q: Which Warrior cat has brown eyes?
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What is a good warrior cat name for a light brown she cat?

Sunnybreeze or Daisypetal could be good warrior cat names for a light brown she-cat.

Who is Clovertail?

Clovertail is a light brown she-cat with green eyes, a white belly and legs. From "Firestar's Quest" & "Skyclan's Destiny"Warrior Cats

Is your warrior cat blind?

No, my warrior cat does not have a visual impairment.

Explain through genetics why a white male cat and a black female can produce 4 black offspring?

I can't really explain in genetics, but I can in similarity. A colour of a Cat's fur can be like the colour of our eyes in a way. If one of your parents has brown eyes (with no trace of blue eyes) and the other had blue eyes, you would get brown eyes. So, the white Cat is the blue eyes and the black Cat is the brown eyes. Do you get that?

Is Palespots a good warrior name for a brown cat with spots?

It is a great name.

Can cats have bown eyes?

I think so my friend's cat has brown eyes :)

What is a good completed warrior cat clan?

A good completed Warrior Cat clan should have a strong leader who is wise and fair, skilled warriors who are loyal and brave, apprentices who are eager to learn, and medicine cats who are knowledgeable and caring. The clan should also have a strong sense of community and work together to protect and provide for each other.

What is a good WARRIOR cat's name for a muscular red-brown tom with green eyes?

I think some good name's might be Foxfoot or Redfur. The name's are kinda boring, but there all I could think of.

What are some really good warrior cat drescriptions?

Usually the cat seems more attractive if you use the words beautiful, pretty, or handsome in front of the name. EX) Silverstorm- beautiful silver she-cat with ice blue eyes Silverstorm- silver she-cat with ice blue eyes The cat seems more pretty when you put beautiful in front of the rest of the description. She-cats: dark golden she-cat with amber eyes pure white she-cat with blue eyes pure black she-cat with blue eyes silver she-cat with green eyes Toms: dark brown tom with amber eyes powerful gray tom with blue eyes You may have also noticed that the cat seems better if you put something like powerful, large, graceful, etc in front of the descriptions.

What does Leafstar look like?

Leafstar is described as a small, lithe, dappled, and pale brown tabby she-cat with bright green eyes.

Can a black cat have brown eyes?

Yes they can,it all depends on genetics.

What does oakheart look like warrior cats?

In the "Warrior Cats" series, Oakheart is described as a dark brown tabby tom with a sturdy build and amber eyes. He is known for his strength and loyalty as a warrior of RiverClan.