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Which amendement was repealed?

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Amendment 18.It was made in 1919, but it was repealed by Amendment 21 in 1933.

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What is the 18th amendement?

The 18th Amendment prohibited alcohol which was then repealed by the 18th Amendment on December 5, 1933. The amendment remains the only constitutional amendment to be repealed in its entirety.[source 10]

What was the 18th amendement?

It banned alcohol

Can amendment be repealed?

yes it can be repealed. The 21st Amendment repealed the 18th.

What is the fifteenth amendement?

race is not a qualification for voting

What are facts about the 5th amendement?

the right to be silent

What is an amendement?

A change to the Constitution . An addition to the Constitution .

Which amendement prohibited alcohol?

18th amendment.

What amendement made alcohol illegal?

the 18th

Was the first amendment repealed?

No, it has not been repealed.

When was the Stamp Act repealed?

It was repealed in 1766.

What was the main purpose of the thirteenth Amendement?

it abolished slavery

Amendement to the constitution are known as The Bill of Rights?


What amendment is called as mini constitution?

42nd Amendement

When was the gag rule of 1836 repealed?

It was repealed in 1844

What is the only amendment to be repealed and which amendment repealed it?

The 18th Amendment is the only amendment to be repealed, and it was repealed with the ratification of the 21st Amendment. The 18th Amendment banned alcoholic beverages.

When were the intolerable acts repealed?

The Intolerable Acts were repealed in 1778.

Why were the intolerable acts repealed?

They were repealed because of the change of government.

Can amendments be repealed?

Amendments can be repealed. For example the 21st amendment.....

Where was prohibition repealed?

It was repealed through the actions of state conventions.

What is the 12th amendement?

The procedure of electing a president or vice president.

Which amendment has been the only one to be repealed?

The only amendment to be repealed was the Eighteenth Amendment, prohibition, which was repealed by the Twenty-first Amendment.

What was the topic of the amendment that was repealed by a later amendment?

Prohibition!! Prohibition was the 18th amendment but was repealed as the 21st amendment. This is the only amendment that was repealed.

Which ammendment repealed the 18th ammendment?

the 21st amendment repealed the 18th.

Repealed the prohibition amendment?

The 21st Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment.

How was prohibition repealed?

The 21st amendment was passed, which repealed the 18th amendment.