Which animals have three lungs?

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Are there many types of lungs for animal?

Yes. The lungs of mammals and reptiles are pretty similar to each other. The main differences are in the ways the animals expand their body cavities to draw air into the lungs (mammals using ribs and diaphragm, and reptiles using ribs only). The lungs themselves are pretty similar. The lungs of amph (MORE)

What animal breathes with their lungs?

6cbdAnswer many animals breathe through their lungs, some are: bears, foxes, dogs, cats, lions, tigers.. all animals breathe through their lungs, excepts for fishes, or any other animal that lives underwater) but that's not all, gorillas also use their lungs to breathe

What animals have lungs?

Most land vertebrates including all birds, mammals, and reptiles have lungs. Most amphibians have lungs as well, though some salamanders breathe through their skin or through gills. A few types of fish have lungs as well Spiders and gastropods and among the few invertebrates to have lungs. Most br (MORE)

What animals have gills and lungs?

The only animal that has true lungs and gills is the lungfish.Animals like frogs often have gills for a portion of their livesand then later develop lungs.

Why would an animal lunge?

An animal will lunge if you scare or surprize or threaten it. Cats, dogs, even horses. Especially wild animals. Lions, bears, even monkeys. Do not be mad if an animal lunges. You had to have done something.

What is an animal that uses book lungs?

spiracles? Spiracles are tiny holes on an insects abdomen used for respiration. Arachnids are the class of Arthropods that use book lungs for respiration. Although the class is divided into Pulmonate Arachnids (Contain book lungs) and Apulmonate Arachnids (Lacking book lungs). The hor (MORE)

What are three facts about lungs?

Human lungs can hold four to six liters of air. The lungs contain about 300 million alveoli. The right lung is slightly larger than the left.

What animal has no lungs?

Most living animals have lungs. Fish have gills, which allow them to breathe. There may be other sea creatures that do not have lungs as well. Also, some creatures breath through their skin - such as worms, which do not have lungs.

Where can we get animal pic of lung?

Well you can get a picture of an 'animal lung' if you go to http://images.google.com.au/images?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4ADBF_enAU300AU300&q=animal+lung that is a google website

How can animals breath without using their lungs?

Well you see fish breath through things called gills so they don't need lungs to breath. Whales have huge holes at the top of their heads so when they need to breath they squrt out water from those holes.

What animals uses lungs to breathe?

Every animal have Lungs will tell me something how do you think the Animal can breath for example people breath from the lungs and if you dont take care of breathing you may have asthma

What are the cold blooded animals that have scales and breathe with their lungs?

Reptiles. The most common reptiles include alligators, crocodiles, lizards, snakes, tortoises and turtles. Reptiles are air-breathing animals, although many live not only on land but in water. The most noticeable feature of reptiles are the scales that cover their body. The majority of reptiles lay (MORE)

Is it true that all animals have lungs?

No, not all animals have lungs, fish and reptiles have gills, humans and mammals have lungs except whales and dolphin they have gills because they under water

What animals breathe with lungs or gills?

It depends what you mean by that? Animals who 'breathe' with gills are most likely to be fish and some amphibians. Most mammals and other species breathe through their lungs.

Do you eat animal lungs?

Although i don't since i reside in US and as per US standards animal lungs comes under restriction and is actually banned to be consumed due to some reason. But there are other organ parts which are allowed as per US laws which comes under Offal.

Can animals breathe without lungs or gills?

Some animals, like some vermiforme worms breath through their skin, but it's not an efficient way of breathing so body size and metabolism is a limiting factor. Bigger and more evolved animals such as frogs use skin breathing as complementary.