Which anitvirus is best

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ESET NOD32 Antivirus is one of the most popular and greatest antiviruses.

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Q: Which anitvirus is best
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How one can protect his computer from break downs?

install anitvirus software and scan all files that you download with the anitvirus. i recommend AVG anitvirus free.

What is an anitvirus?

It protects your computer from any viruses.

What is an anitvirus software?

It protects your computer from any viruses.

How do you activate norton anitvirus on your computer?

In my opinion I wouldn't. Go for a free antivirus like Avast! or AVG

Does cause a virus?

Probaly.but when i was in my other computer it messed up when i got into it,but on the anitvirus thing it said secure

Does anitvirus software make your computer invisible to hackers?

The firewall makes your computer practically invisible, along with antivirus software.

How do you Remove ir4acedll virus?

Symantec anitvirus continually notifies that is has found virus Trojan.Adclicker and the file is C:\WINDOWS\system32\ir4ace.dll

What are the most highly rated free computer anitvirus programs for 2013?

The best free Antivirus programs of 2013 are AVG Antivrius free, Avast free Antivrius and Pandacloud Antivirus free. Most Antivirus programs offer more features when bought, they also require a monthly fee.

What is the best anitvirus protector?

QuickHeal and NORTON is are of the best antivirus software there exists but I suggest NORTON apart from the features offered by every other antivirus it offers RANSOMWARE PROTECTION, builtin NO-LOG VPN, Tools to store passwords and BANK-GRADE ENCRYPTION, 100GB Cloud Backup, Alerts regarding UNAUTHORIZED WEBCAM ACCESS, Use this link to get 50% CASHBACK REWARD COUPON if interested

How do you remove the Trojan horse

I just installed AVG Anitvirus and detected and deleted dropper.small.7.w. Perhaps it would just as well against

What products does McAfee offer from their homepage?

On the homepage of the well known company of McAfee, the product that is being sold is the well known brand of anitvirus software. McAfree is a company that specializes in computer safety from malware.

What is the top search brand for a free antivirus download?

There are many popular free anitvirus downloads. One of the most popular ones is Nortan Anti-virus downloads. MacFree is also a popular result.

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