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King Kong appeared before Godzilla on the big screen in 1933, godzilla was 21 years later in Japan in 1954. Godzilla released i the us in 1956.

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King Kong first appeared in 1933 while Godzilla first appeared in 1954. Just 21 years before Godzilla

King Kong debuted in 1933 whereas Godzilla appeared in 1954 .

There have been two movies made about fights between King Kong and Godzilla. The first film was called King Kong vs. Godzilla and it was released in Japan in 1963. This film was also the first time King Kong and Godzilla appeared together in color and in widescreen.

i think Godzilla King Kong was first 25 feet tall and Godzilla was 400 feet tall but then in the movie Godzilla Vs King Kong they made a toho version of King Kong and made him 400 feet to make it harder for Godzilla but king Kong was not Toho at first

King Kong came first in 1933 and Godzilla followed after in 1954.

King Kong in 1933 and Godzilla 21 years later

as watching million pound drop answer is king kong

"King Kong" (1933). "Godzilla" (1954). Title in Japan was "Gojira".

King Kong is an ape. Godzilla is a Dinosaur.

King Kong isn't in Godzilla Unleashed

yes, because Godzilla is 50 or 100 feet more then king Kong. totally Godzilla is 400 feet tall King Kong is 25 feet King Kong is cool Godzilla is AWESOME!

Definitely Godzilla. GODZILLA is way more awesome King Kong is cool but Godzilla is way better

Movie wise, Godzilla was the first one to hit the big screen

King Kong loses. Godzilla WINS! FATALITY!

YES. Godzilla can easily kill king kong by clawing and burning king kong to death.

King Kong emerged from the water and their was no sign of Godzilla. Godzilla might've swam away.

King Kong, 1933, that's 21 years after Godzilla

King Kong vs. Godzilla was made in 1962 .

NO. Godzilla is larger and would burn king kong to death.

King Kong is not playable and is not on Godzilla Unleashed. I wish he was, too, but he's not. Sorry.

The duration of King Kong vs. Godzilla is 1.62 hours.

In the American version of the battle, Godzilla lost and probably drowned. In the Japanese version, King Kong lost the battle. The answer above is right but in real Godzilla King Kong is tiny to Godzilla and Godzilla cant be drowned.So the American version is wrong

King Kong would win, because King Kong would sit on Godzilla.

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