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Q: Which are the competitive exams after puc science?
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Which are the competitive exams after 2nd puc commerce?

banking exams

Blue print of second puc board exams of karnataka of the combination seba?

Computer science

What is timetable for 2nd puc karnataka?

II PUC exams start on March 17th 2011.

When is the 2ND PUC exams starting?

13th march

Hi you m sunil from banglore is there any consultant to pass puc 2nd year supplementory exams 4 subjects pcmb you m ready to pay the money please help you i wantt to pass your puc 12th science?

Go to puc board go to the director and speak with him and he will tell u the methods to pass ur puc

What after BSC in life science should one choose to do other then MBA?

You can do MSC or can appear for Competitive Exams.

When is 2009 2 PUC supplementary exams?

30th June 2009

When will the first year PUC supplementary exams be held?

gjgyw dhff

2 puc annual exams questions papers?

Vivekanadha chikago meet

Supplementary exam for 2 puc 2010?

Where to find study materials for Science and Maths Olympiad?

You can prepare for Maths and Science Olympiad by logging / taking subscription in the Reflective Learn website. They provide sample and model test paper and prepare you to competitive exams like NSO, IMO and other Olympiad exams.

2 puc pass percent in science?

2nd puc pass percent is only 43.5 that's all...!