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There are six noble gases: helium (He), neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe) and radon (Rn)

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carbon hidrogen lithuim

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Q: Which are the elements is a noble gas?
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What elements lack a noble gas electron configuration?

Only group 18 elements have noble gas configuration. All other elements lack a noble gas electronic configuration.

What elements is a noble gas H He S or O?

He Helium is a noble gas

What elements have simlar properties to helium?

all noble gas elements

Is a noble gas the same as a halogen?

No. Halogens are group 17 elements. Noble gases are group 18 elements.

Is krpton a noble gas?

Yes, it is. The elements in group 18 are noble gases.

Does a noble gas not have a nucleus?

All elements, including noble gases, have a nucleus.

What is the state of the noble gas family?

All noble gases elements are gases.

Does helium react to other elements?

No it does not. It is a noble gas

What kind of elements are in group 7?

noble gas

How does noble-gas notation shorten the process of writing an elements electrons configuration?

In noble gas notation, you don't have to write the electron configuration up to that noble gas. You simply put the noble gas in brackets [noble gas] and then continue to write the electron configuration from that point. It just makes it shorter and easier to write electron configurations for elements with a lot of electrons.

Is ethane a noble gas?

No, the noble gases are the elements in the far right column (vertical).

What elements mass is 30 and a noble gas but not neon?

There is no such noble gas with an atomic mass of 30. The mass of neon is 20 and the mass of the next noble gas, argon, is 40