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what is propertie of rutherfordium

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Q: Which are the properties of rutherfordium?
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What is the latin name for rutherfordium?

Also rutherfordium.

How was rutherfordium named?

The name rutherfordium is derived from the name of the physicist Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937).

5 scientist named after elements?

Einsteinium, lawrencium, Mendelevium, Holmium, Rutherfordium

When was Rutherfordium invented?

Rutherfordium was obtained for the first time by a team of scientists from Dubna (Russia) in 1964:Gheorghi Nikolaevici Flerov, Iuri Tsolakovici Ohanessian, Iuri V. Lobanov, V. I. Kuznetsov, V.A. Druin, V.P. Pereligin, K.A. Gavrilov, S.P. Tretiakova, V. M. Plotko.

What is rutherfordium obtained by?

Rutherfordium was first time obtained by Gheorghi Nikolaevici Flerov, Iuri Ţolakovici Ohanessian, Iuri V. Lobanov, V. I. Kuzneţov, V.A. Druin, V.P. Pereligin, K.A. Gavrilov, S.P. Tretiakova, V. M. Plotko in 1966 (Dubna, Russia), bombarding 242Pu with 22Ne. A long controversy with an American team is mentioned.

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What properties does rutherfordium possess to classify as a metal?

- Rutherfordium is in the group 4 of the periodic table of Mendeleev - Calculation of some chemical and physical properties - Experimantal chemistry: halides of Rf, etc.

How is hafnium and rutherfordium similar?

Rutherfordium is a homologue of hafnium in the periodic table (Rf is under Hf); as a consequence the properties may be similar.

What are the properties of rutherfordium?

Rutherfordium has an atomic symbol Rf and atomic number 104. Its atomic weight is 265. It is a metal that is silver or grey.

What is rutherfordium property at room temperature?

Because scientists haven't sufficient material to test properties of rutherfordium these are unknown and only some are predicted by comparison.

Is rutherfordium a nometal?

Rutherfordium is a metal.

Is rutherfordium flammable?

Rutherfordium is not flammable.

What did rutherfordium do?

Rutherfordium has any uses.

Is rutherfordium man-made?

Yes, rutherfordium is man made.

What is the normal phase for Rutherfordium?

Rutherfordium is a solid.

What is the state a matter of rutherfordium?

Rutherfordium is a solid.

Is rutherfordium a solid or gas?

Rutherfordium is a solid.

What is the value of rutherfordium?

Rutherfordium is not a commercial product.