Which are the topic sentence and controlling idea in this paragraph?

At first when l read this l was so sure that the first sentence was the topic sentence.Then when l read it a few more times it seemed like the last sentence is the topic sentence.Because the controlling idea here is "importance paid to the growing of these plants to be used in herbal remedies".Even the supporting details imply that.But the teacher said it s the first one.Please help

Here it is:

Herbal remedies are gaining the respect of the medical profession. Teas, poultices, and rubs, made from various parts of plants have been used for generations by many cultures in the world. Such remedies, however, have been shunned by many medical professionals in the industrial world who have focused instead on chemicals for cures, sometimes re-inventing the wheel. With the more recent interest in the survival of the rainforests, however, there has been increasing attention paid to the plants which serve as remedies for a host of ailments.