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Which are words that has the same meaning as each other?


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The words are called synonyms.

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Ache is another word that have the same meaning with pain

There many other words with the same meaning of emphasized. Some of these words include stressed, insisted upon, highlighted, underlined and so many more.

A thesaurus is a book that gives words with the same meaning as other words.

Some other words that have the same meaning as funny are; humorous and hilarious.

Before, again or formerly. Those words mean "then".

Other words that have the same meaning as 'solutions' as in to solve a problem are but not limited to: Explanation Key Resolution Result Clarification Elucidation

A synonym is a word with the same meaning (or nearly the same) as another word. For example, a synonym for boat is ship. Not all synonyms can be used in all contexts, because words have specific connotations.Synonyms are words that mean the same, or about the same, as another word.Words having the same meaning as each other are synonyms.Not all synonyms can replace each other for every given context.Most words have specific as well as general meanings.For instance, a synonym for lazy is slothful.

Courting, going steady, going together all have the same meaning as dating.

They are synonyms, they have the same meaning.

Homophones or Homonyms Homophones are words that sound like other words but are spelled differently and have a different meaning Homonyms are words that sound the same AND are spelled the same but have different meanings

on norwegean they say med that means with

they have the same ending or the ending sounds the same

Different words that have the same meaning are synonyms. Words that are opposites are called antonyms. Words that sound the same but don't have the same meaning are homonyms or homophones.

both administration and management are same . both are having same meaning as to administrate a business in other words manage the business .to my knowledge their is no difference between each other.

Flyer, bulletin, notice, memorandum.

Caption, title, headline, descriptor...

dine, intake of food, masticate

cheer, pleasure, delight, ecstasy

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