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Micheal Collins

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Q: Which astronaut stayed in orbit around the moon during Apollo 11?
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Who stayed orbiting the moon on Apollo 11?

The Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins orbited the moon in the Command module.

What Apollo Eleven Astronaut did not walk on the moon?

Michael Collins stayed in lunar orbit while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon.

What astronuat minded Apollo 2 while Armstrong and Aldrin made history?

Apollo 2 was an unmanned mission launched in 1966. It was destroyed about six hours into the flight. You are probably confusing it with Apollo 11 (eleven) the first mission to land on the moon. The astronaut in the command vehicle that stayed in orbit around the moon was Michael Collins.

Which Apollo mission stayed the longest on the moon?

Apollo 17

Did Apollo 11 stayed on the moon for a week?

No Apollo 11 stayed on the moon for a little over 24 hours in all.

Who were the Apollo 17 astronauts?

There were 3 Apollo 17 astronauts. Eugene Ceran and Harrison Schmidt landed on the moon and Ronald Evans stayed in orbit around the moon.

What Astronaut stayed on the spaceship and did not go on the moon?

Michael Collins

What was the person name who stayed behind in space?

no astronaut has ever died or has stayed behind in space - expand your question

Where did the astronauts stay during launch and reentry in Apollo?

The astronauts stayed in the command module during launch and reentyry to earth. As it has a tiles that prevent the craft from over heating during reentry.

How long did Apollo 11 stay on the moon?

Apollo 11 stayed on the surface of the moon for 26 hours.

How long was the Apollo eleven on the moon with the crew?

Apollo 11 stayed on the moon for 26 hours on the moon.

How long was Apollo 11 crew on the moon for?

Apollo 11 stayed on the surface of the moon, for about 26 hours.

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