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Maybe oxygen and nitrogen

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Q: Which atmospheric gases is probably the most important for human survival?
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What atmospheric gases help to heat the earth?

The atmospheric gases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are all greenhouse gases that help to heat the Earth.

What is Neptune's atmospheric gases?

it is hydrogen

How are atmospheric gases like the gases in a greenhouse?

The glass on the greenhouse stops temperature from leaving or entering like the gases do to the earth.The atmospheric gases are called 'greenhouse gases' based on the idea that the gases 'trap' heat like the walls of a greenhouse do

What are mercury's atmospheric gases?

Hydrogen, Helium

What are two important atmospheric gases released vy volcanic activity?

who knows dont ask me ok cause what did i ever do to u

What is a method to liquify the atmospheric gases?

To liquify atmospheric gasses, industry compresses and cools air.

What are the atmospheric gases present on the Moon's surface?

i have no clue

What are the major atmospheric gases of Jupiter?

Hydrogen,and Helium

The atmospheric gases in the thermosphere are heated by what?

directly by the sun.

Does this activity attribute to an increase in atmospheric gases?


Where does all of the earths atmospheric gases lie?

The troposphere.

Which atmospheric layer contains the fewest gases?